Pets and thralls not eating food

I have private server with several mods and my pets and thralls aren’t eating food, I do have hunger enabled so I’m not quite sure what is wrong.

It is a bug. As long as you have a mod installed on your server, any mod, they wont eat.


Good to know, thank you.

@papabear2009 Good news is that the issue is “fixed internally” and expected to be fixed in “the next couple of patches” as seen in link below :slight_smile:

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if the food is in a feed box, they will eat to receive a buff.
if the food is in their inventory, they only eat to heal damage.

so is the food in their inventory not being consumed to heal damage?
or is the food in the feed box not being consumed?

Well yes, pretty much, though I think there has been just one patch since then so it still applies… Not as any kind of ETA though :wink:

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