Are Thralls actually eating outside singleplayer?

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: USA

In single player thralls appear to be behaving normally, even with all the mods on our server installed, (a very short list) however on the server actual, with the same exact values Thralls will not eat. By now, we have thralls with food values at 40-66/100 and we have put every food item we have in their direct inventories. They won’t eat a bite. Pot pushes food, but thralls still don’t eat.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. load single player
  2. load modlist: RopeLines.pak; StylistPlus.pak; Gardener.pak; PermPaint.pak; SexySilentLegionArmor.pak; Less_Building_Placement_Restrictions_Overlaps_Edition.pak; Limestone_Building_Conversion.pak;
  3. place thrall and wait for food to tick down to <100
  4. Place one unit of food in inventory, thrall consumes within 10 seconds and food is restored to 100
  5. Load online server with exact same modlist and order
  6. place thrall and wait for food to tick down to <100
  7. Place one unit of food in inventory, thrall never consumes it food continues to tick down

Given the thrall feed time is 10080m on official and ticks down from 100 1% each 100.8 minutes, (a little too long of an investment in boredom for me on servers I have no intention of playing on.) can anyone actually confirm that thralls are in fact eating on official, vanilla private, and/or modded private servers?

On official PvE server (oceanic), my clans thralls are eating.
Eg thrall at less than 100 hunger (I think it was 97/100) had 25 gruel placed directly into their inventory…immediately this dropped to 21 gruel and hunger count went to 100/100.
Tested multiple times on my clan mates thralls with lobster, crab, gruel, savoury fish and exotic fish as he had not feed his thralls and I got concerned and fed them for him.

Interesting that you are having this issue in the multiplayer game and not single with the same mod list. Perhaps check if the thrall feeding parameters for the server are the same as single or official … there was a list somewhere in the forums of what can be changed…
I did remember reading reports from testlive that single player games had different bugs than the online multiplayer servers. … perhaps one of the mods you use is ok in single player but bugging out the thrall eating in the multiplayer server?

The server settings are identical. That was the very first thing I checked. The challenge with testing the mods for SP/MP incompatibilities is that we do not have the resources to spool up another clone, nor the inclination to pay for one and/or bjork the existing server. That was why I was hoping to glean some insight from the community at large. Thanks for the additional details! I’ll see what I can manage.

@Multigun …I know you are working hard to update your mods whilst looking after your poor sick dog … giving you a prod in this topic to look at the mod list in point two of the first post to see if any of them are yours that are still being worked on …

I got poked. Limestone and LBPROE are both updated to be compatible with the latest and greatest. Limestone is your typical add assets mod, it doesn’t touch Thrall anything. LBPROE does but it was updated as of Patch 34 part 1 (part 2 doesn’t alter any of the files that LBPROE touches. Part 2 actually barely changed anything dev kit wise). It also only touches Thrall placement. Just in case, I’ll run some extra tests though.

Single Player works fine with just my mods. Thralls eat and regen their food value like normal. All my server testers are otherwise busy, but in all my months of modding (since April), I’ve not once had something work in single player and then not work on a server. I’ll update if I hear otherwise once I can get my typical server testers attention.

Edit: I got confirmation from a server player that Thralls are eating just fine using LBPROE.

i will cook fashionist again tonight with the last devkit. fashionist doesn’t overwrite any assets but it probably won’t hurt either.

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