Hungry, hungry Thralls

Game mode: [Single-player]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [NA]

I have numerous thralls in a very large base. Nearly over 70. I have a couple of pots to feed them all, which I try to keep at medium-full capacity. I quit for the day, then return the next day. All of the pots are now empty, which I assume the Thralls consumed as soon as I logged in. All the thralls were at 100% food before I logged out the previous day. No thrall has died so far. However, this behavior is not consistent, and I cannot pinpoint the reason for them to stuff themselves with all of the supplies in one go.

  1. Keep numerous thralls. Keep 2-3 food pots with moderate amounts of food.
  2. Log out
  3. Log back in.
  4. Check the contents of the food pots.

Just in case you aren’t aware: You don’t need to feed thralls any more, they removed the feeding system. Well, kinda-sorta removed, parts of it are still there. Doing so for immersion or RP reasons is of course perfectly fine, but mechanically speaking, you don’t need to bother with it.

Thralls (and pets) will not starve to death any more either. However they still build up “hunger”, and will continue to build up a food deficit more or less indefinitely (I believe?). Which could perhaps lead to the behavior you saw. The minute you give them food they will try to fulfill their deficit (which might now be in the thousands of food units). Though if you’ve been keeping them continually fed, I don’t know how that could happen.

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I was unaware that they removed it. I simply assumed that they took some food out of the pot on a set period of time, and that this period of time is run whenever the single player sandbox starts, because that is when they gobble the entire pantry.

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The way it used to be was, a thrall will take out five units of food from a pot he is in range of whenever their hunger reaches some threshold - maybe it’s just below 100? But if their “hunger” is thousands in the negative, they will continue to take out and consume food trying to sate this. So a few thralls in this state can easily empty a cauldron. Clarified that the above was historical as per @Kwalya below, thx :+1:

You mention single-player, so nothing should be taking place “between sessions”: the single-player server that is run whenever you play is shut down every time you exit the game. So the only thing that can give the illusion of continuation is if there are catch-up mechanics coded to simulate the time where the server was shut down. I don’t believe any such mechanics exist, however.

Do not take any of this as gospel. I don’t pay much attention to it to be honest. I never really found the feeding mechanic as implemented immersive, so am content to mostly ignore it in practice.

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It no longer works like that since the mid May anniversary patch when they made it so they all consume ALL food items out in the inventory instantly. They do not have a food deficit to fill, they do not each take a stack.

NOW they take one food item from a thrall pot or feed box at a set interval. Last I tested (after anniversary patch but before most recent patches) the interval was 9-10 minutes… so 144 or more pieces of food per thrall/pet consumed per 24 hour period … to renew an hour long buff (WTF huh).
And btw some preferred foods are bugged and are NEVER consumed … I’ve reports the ones I’ve noticed … plant fibre, bark, vines, food for Rocknoses(another player reported)

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