Thrall Pot, bugged?

I have put a lot of meat on Thrall Pot so they get the damage buff, but the food instantly disappear and none of them get any in their inventories, did this happen with any1 too? is it bugged?

The thralls will usually collect food from pots is 5’s, if the thrall is starving the thrall shall “use” the food.

Not sure of the specifics of your situation, maybe the thrall used the food it collected and in order to see more food in the inventory, you either need to reengage the food gathering script by having the thrall follow, then stop; or wait the ~10min timeframe.
(That is one long sentence…)

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I guess I need to throw more food, could see this coming, thanks for the reminder ^

There is a bug with the thrall hunger system. Hunger accumulates endlessly, even when the timer has reached zero. The display says zero, but the number is actually negative, and you have no way of knowing its exact value. If you haven’t fed your thrall in many weeks, the value may be deep in the negative, and you will have to retroactively give them so much food in one go as they would have consumed during that time. Just keep dumping food onto him, until the hunger goes back into positive. It may take hundreds or even thousands of food.

Yup, just experienced this. My clan mate didn’t feed our thralls for 10 days. I’ve just spent the last 2 days harvesting food for them. It seemed like the thrall pots emptied as quickly as I could fill them! Feeding maintenance will be a lot easier one you’ve gotten them all fed in the positive.

Even though you dont “need” to feed pets and thralls, I ended up feeding my pets, especially the bears, because…OMG…they whine incessantly when they are hungry. I filled up the food box and it was immediately emptied, so there is a negative. If you feed an individual pet or thrall that is “starving” they will eat it all and you have to keep feeding them until their indicator turns fully green, only then will they stop the immediate consumption.

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