Thrall pot empty every day


I check my thrall pots every 4 days. yesterday it was empty. (I have 7 thralls).
I put 1000 meat in the pot, and 50 in each thrall. This morning all gone.
I filled it again, then tried to put 50 in the thrall, it disappeared. Did it again, same, same. Put another 1000 in the put and came here.

Its an official server

Anyone else having this fun?

When you say “it disappeared” do you mean instant ?

In that case there are 2 possibilities:

1- your thralls when you feed them eat to refill their hunger-meter, so if you miss one check of the pot and they was starving they totally eated all to refill from 2 days remaining to 7.

2- after last update I noticed an issue: sometime the client didn’t load the content of a chest/bench/inventory, even for several minutes, if I try to put something in a slot of that (a slot in reality empty) it seems to instant disappear, if the slot is full (but my client show it as empty) I’m unable to place the item into the slot. Before the last patch, even if the icons was loaded later sometimes, the names of stored items and the number of copies was always displayed by the client.

Im not a double clicker, I drag and drop everything. As I released the 50 meat, they vanished. Checked the floor both times also.
Mrs Jones says she refilled it this afternoon, maybe 4 hours since I was in.

We will see about delay. But when I noticed this I had been hopping about touching map rooms and such, so I was over an hour the first time. After that, as I went in.

Each thrall eats about 7 in a day. I leave 50 in them, and 500 in the pot. hey aint starving.
I may go back and find a 100 meat in each. Cool.

Yeah sorry, Yesterday I replied before to see the last update: they removed hunger timer from pets and thralls and it seems they instant consume every food you give them as an intentional feature (if you give them their favorite food they receive the buff bonus)

Checked them all out on my rounds today. Everything is shut off.
Nice to find this out though the forums, We did not see any of this in update pages, but then just scan them. Guess We will have to pay more attention… Naw

Now we have coolers full of meat we have no use for.

BTW the stone and fiber were not effected, tho that eat that still have it in them, they just no longer consume them.
For now.

I have the same Issue. I use a privat server and before the last update it was possible to switch the hunger function off. Now its not possible anymore. All the thrall potts are empty no matter how much i fill in. When i give meat to the thrall or pet it dissapears at once. In the pot it takes a while until it is empty but it seems that a thrall now eats two elephants a day. I cannot collect enough food for my thralls and pets, no matter what i do.
I hope it will be fixed soon, because otherwise its not possible to have more than a handful of thralls.

Having same issue on ps4 ive had to add 20 extra fish cages and shellfish cages and spend all morning cooking and delivering them to the 7 food pots around my city but always empty a few hours later, spending all my time cooking and being a delivery guy than able to get ore or dungeons done…
Im the builder of stormwind city from the architect exiles comp and since then the city has grown even more and since it seems im now going against killer pythons in a newbie zone for purges which is stupid… my food thrall rate is ridiculous and impossible to maintain

thrall pot mechanics are totaly disabled I think.

There are several threads on this issue so please let me link what I posted in another thread on the topic:

Much appreciated at least now all I need to worry about is the dungeon grade enemy showing up on purges instead of starving exiles… by this I mean a swarm of jungle grade pythons led by one of the same elite ones you get in the unnamed city dungeon

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