Thralls take infinite food from Pots

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: Online private
Type of issue: [Enter one of the following: Bug
Server type: [Enter one of the following: PvP
Region: North America

Thralls continue to take food from the Thrall pot until their inventories of full, irrespective of their hunger status. This results in greatly accelerated food decay rate and rapid loss of all food in Pot.

This did not used to be a problem, Thralls used to take a handful of food in their inventories without rapidly depleting the entire Pot and filling their entire inventories.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place Thralls
  2. Place Thrall Pot
    3.Add thrall-appropriate food to Pot (I used Roast Haunch)
    4.Watch as thralls fill up their inventories and the Pot is quickly emptied

Malagant, they changed the system on you, actually to your benefit. Thralls and pets no longer need to eat to survive. Now, if you give them a food on their list, they get a +25% offensive boost; not on their list, a +10% offensive boost.

You did find a drawback to the new system, though, and can avoid it. They will immediately consume entire stacks of food if placed in their inventory, gone, poofed, but they got the buff.

You can only see the buff when they are in combat as a raised fist upper left of their healthbar.

So, what I do is give a follower 1 piece of a listed food before going into combat. I cannot recall how long it lasts, but think it is an hour. I do maintain a thrall pot and an animal feeder at my bases, empty until I get a purge notice. When I get to that base, I dump in a bunch of their favorite food and all get the buff. After the purge, I reclaim what food is left and store it.

It’s actually quite an improvement over the old system; you just need to understand how to use it. I hope this helps.




Good tip about using Thrall Pot before a purge; seems obvious really but I didn’t think of that…

It’s working approx 1 hour after you gived the food (buff) to your thrall or pet.
After a server restart, buff should be reneived.

But it works great, just people must understand, that tthey don’t have to feet the thrall anaymore ! :joy:

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Strange, I’d read about others using the thrall pots for Purge preparation, but when I toss roasted haunches in there, they don’t seem to get consumed. I’d assumed it simply didn’t work, but now I’m wondering if it simply takes longer than I’m accounting for.

How long does it normally take before you guys see the food vanish from the thrall pots and buff your defenders?

Partial chunks, not immediately, or within a few minutes. It seems to take some form of combat, at least for me. When the purge starts, food starts dropping out of the pot. On these occasions, I usually do not have time to check their inventory.

Post combat, even it there were not a purge, if a follower had been in combat, a single piece appears in their inventory. I saw this last night and could not remove the food, which was honey, since I just dumped a load into the pot when I removed the roasted haunch stacks. I did not check the defenders, just my follower. It was their desert.

From your reputation, I know you checked that your thralls were in range of the pot, listed on the right hand side.

Try putting even stacks in the pot of both their favorites and something else not on their list, take a thrall on an outing, kill a few things and return. Then after a few minutes, check the pot, then your follower’s inventory. If nothing has been consumed or transfered, something is wrong.

Do the same for a purge. If you expect one, repeat the above and once started, you should see their favorites start to disappear after combat starts, maybe before depending how long before the event you loaded the pot. They should continue to take food after the purge and you should see the levels in the pot drop. Go one step farther than I did and check your defender’s inventory; 1 piece of food should be in there.

As you know, you can always see the raised fist when they fight if they have sucked food from the pot, so there’s a quick indicator I never thought to check, again, rather busy.

Good luck, Laratheil !


PS: I tend to use the word ‘pot’ too much. I wonder why …


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Thank you for the responses everyone. Sincerely appreciated.

@funcom though, I’m struggling to understand how this system has evolved in to being completely dysfunctional. Read the responses above to get a feel for the machinations people have to go through to try to get the thrall system to work. Moreover as a server admin I WANT people to have to feed their thralls and pets. If they want to have a giant army, they have to work for it. Please reconsider and revise, at least fix the bugginess of the system as implemented so thrall pots/feeding troughs are not strange glitchy niche contraptions that add little/no value.

Thanks again to everyone!

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We’re working on some changes to thralls and pets that might help resolve some of the problems and inconsistencies left from legacy systems. Until then, we apologize for the frustration.


Thank you @Ignasi
FWIW, just pointing out that this issue does not appear to be on the Trello board at all.

I haven’t tested recently but a few months ago after they removed the feeding for survival the interval between food items being taken from thrall pots & feedboxes on official PvE server was 9-10 minutes.
… and I suspected that thralls/pets taking food from pot/box was on a set interval timer and not triggered by putting food into the pot/box as the food was not removed immediately and I had to wait until some was removed to start the stop-watch to time the interval.

Hey @Malagant

It’s, for now, a design decision, so it’s not being treated as a bug yet. But it’s not an ideal situation. We’ve been eliminating remnants of the hunger system over the last past months but there is still some that remain. We’re working on some interesting stuff to have it make more sense, and the rest we’ll continue to remove from the game.

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Why i loved also more a system where i had to feed thralls and pets, this was not the case of all players.
Many complained heavingly, called out that they didn’t have time to do that. So again, different players, different wishes.
But i agree that current system isn’t top. There are still servers struggling with thralls armies, and people tend to have collections of all. Hard job often for any server admin, i agree.
Also having to feed these army seems more immersive to me. Still not all will agree.

But like @Ignasi answered, they are still working on a better, more satisfying system, so let’s time do things, and hope we will get one fitting better in these harsh lands.

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Thanks Ig, I’m sorry I wasn’t terribly specific there. I understand that feeding thralls (or not) is a design decision, but that they pull infinite food from a feeding pot or immediately consume entire stacks when dropped on them is most clearly a bug, and it is not on the trello.

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Unfortunately it IS intended that they consume all stacks of food items immediately… it’s how funcom coded it.
Ridiculous that we have to spilt the food stack so we have a single piece to put into their inventory and can’t use them to transport any item that is considered a food item but that’s what it is.


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