Thrall Pots still broken?

I’m trying to see if I can use thrall pots to fix my “Needing to spend an hour each day refilling my guards’ food” issue, but I can’t see the list of which thralls are taking the food, if at all. I checked online and the most recent thing I can see about these things is from 2023 when they were broken.

Has it been fixed yet or am I wasting my time?


Wasting time I am afraid.

A simple rule for the thralls to only take food if they have no food at all in their inventories would suffice to fix the problem, but that rule seem to be hard to put into code.

Once the idea is to move away from the concept that thralls are “slaves”, more akin to “serfs” given you might rescue them, pay them, etc, it is funny that this problem was never addressed.

Me, I have modded myself out of that problem a long time ago, but I still use the item of the pot for some of its “inherent features”, like making food last longer. However anytime there are thralls around it, they will keep taking food from it quickly and letting it spoil in their inventories while consuming very little of it.

I’m only filling it with a ton of gruel, so I don’t mind if they consume little food. I just need to know if they will take the food as intended

Take the food they will, a lot. But I dont really think thralls have hunger systems like players do. If you feed food that does not offer any benefit in their growth through leveling, that wont really matter.

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I just need it for the slow trickle heal of 6hp/sec during raid hours. Thanks for the information!


Try this. Make a piece of armor that give a health bonus, put it on your thrall, watch them grab food from the pot. The research I have done shows it’s as RNG as anything else in this game.
I’ve had thralls take jerky out of the dryers, load up on rotten food; but not for awhile, load up on food till the pot is empty, never take food, only take food when they take damage. Which is actually the way it is supposed to work.

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Thrall Pots and the Pet Feed Box are both still broken unfortunately. But it is not for lack of the community pointing it out. They have been broken for over 1.25 years now, bit every time me or someone else points it out we are met with a wall of silence. Then to compoind this they have added a new reskinned thrall pot (but not feed box) for the Sacred Hunt event, which is also broken. :roll_eyes:


@Rekt This is blatantly false, at least on Playstation! The thrall pots and pet feed boxes have not worked for well over 1 year now.


They will take honey. Even thralls just passing through will take the honey.

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