Greedy and Wasteful Thralls

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvE
Region: *US
Mods? : No

Guarding thralls, they eat from thrall pots… they fill their inventory with food, which they don’t eat, which then just goes to waste, spoils.


Kinda short on details there. Using a thrall pot? Or are you manually adding food to your guards?

I don’t use the pot or feed the guards. I only feed the thralls/pets actively following me (CRUEL) due in no small part to the new feature that results in 1: thralls not consuming the food and 2: the food now spoiling in their inventory.

utter waste of player time and resources.

I think originally the thrall pot was intended to be a means of feeding all your thralls in a certain radius. if you didn’t, they would starve and die. it hasn’t worked that way since i started playing the game a year and a half ago. lately i’ll use the pot to store unplaced thralls. A ‘pot of thralls’ as it were.


Could also observe this.
Sure, with thrall pot. As soon they can, they will mostly pick-up food, and over time fill up completely the inventory letting not a free spot.

Also food spoils relatively quickly in the pot.

Edit: Like still, for tests, no mods are used. Tested in singleplayer.


The Thrall pot and the Feed bin have been a item and mechanic that was abandoned almost two years ago, at least…maybe more. They still remain in game, but no longer operate the way that was intended. It used to be that they would hold food items till the followers drew from them, when needed, making it easier to maintain a decent number of followers by just putting food in the pot or bin, instead of running around to each one and filling their inventory. Now they just pretty much empty out, since food is always available for taking.

Kind of like how my grandparents in FL used to be at the buffet at the local restaurant. The use was discontinued, now someone correct me here if I am wrong, because they took up too much of a server’s resources, since they constantly had to check each follower and pet, calculate and determine need and then what to resupply. Basically, the thrall pot and feed bin are no longer a working part of the game or even intended to be. One thing they might be good for though, is just before a purge hits, to drop a buttload of food in so all the followers and pets can resupply themselves during the fight. Otherwise, they are a waste of resources.

Personally, I liked the way the old thrall pot and feed bin worked, but can see how it could’ve been a drain on server resources.


Yes, i’m mostly never use the pot. Still feed my followers by hand. :rofl:

But wanted test it, and it’s a fact for those having massive bases with tons followers, the pot is the only effective way. Still they waste lot food over time.

About the food waste. You could have a talk with your followers and tell them about the starving children in Hyrkania.


When I first spotted this I emptied all food from my thralls and had over 100 Putrid Meat. Since then, I fill all thrall slots except one with something, e.g. healing pots. That way they have only one slot to fill with food.

This. Right before The Purge starts, fill that thrall pot with Exotic Feast’s. Your thralls will tear through that purge the same way they’ll tear through those strips of flank steak.


When I place food in the pot… AAAAND its gone

When I check the thrall that might have taken the food… AAAAND its gone

When I feed them by hand… my thrall just eats its very fast… must be hungry but it works

It would be nice if they would at least modify the creature AI to only pull foods from the thrall pot that they can actually get a benefit from.

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