Thrall Pot and feeding system since Mounts update

Since we now have yet another feeding system in place I thought it would make sense to place a thrall pot with with food for buffs for my thralls again. However it seems as though the system has been turned off completely as the thrall do not seem to be interested in the bounty of deliciousness presented to them.

Are thrall pots working for anyone? I tested in solo on PC.

I’m torn on whether they should be turned back on. Since the food now applies a great deal of healing to thralls in addition to the buffs. I suppose it has the potential to cause issues in PvP where thralls could heal really fast during combat and have an almost endless supply of food. Making them even more difficult to kill them.

Would love to hear other peoples thoughts on the matter.

Its not like they are going to die from hunger while in guard mode is it? Have not have much time testing thralls, been busy crusading on my mount. That being said, love your videos.

I have noticed that Thralls do not consume everything you put into their inventory as far as food goes anymore. It does seem to help recovery after battle as well.

Have not tried a pot at all. Only one thrall so far. Been riding the horse!

Edit: One human thrall. I have 4 Shalebacks, a Greater Wolf and a Panther too. Same with food in their inventory as well. Horse eats like a horse.

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I’ve been using Thrall Pots and the Feeding Box (for Pets) since I started playing in October. They have worked consistently well for me, in non-modded servers.

I’ve noticed in one Online Private server with various ratios adjusted that food would be taken from the pot and horded by followers. That was nice, in a way, because they didn’t consume that food when I was offline, so I could collect it from them and place it back in the distribution areas.

Back to the subject of normal handling, sometimes I observed single pieces of food being teleported into follower inventories (if there was space available). They also have been receiving the “buff” since before this latest update, which I believe I read was adjusted slightly in the latest release notes.

Before the mounts update, I think the followers would take foods not in their diet at an increased rate. Now, their preferred diet appears to be more closely followed. (Ostrich do not eat plant fiber, but Gazelle do) Humans don’t like cooked human flesh any longer.

Is there a third feeding system? I believe my horses draw from the Pet food box, can’t recall its name at the moment.

Did you give the followers at least 20 minutes to check out your offered bounty? I’m not sure of their consumption rate, but 20 minutes was what the Animal Pen would use to generate dung.

I’ve also observed success placing a food item directly into a follower’s inventory, say on the road, though they also appear to draw from the thrall pot occasionally when we’re away from home base. I feel much more confident about placing bulk quantities of food items into a follower inventory, without instantaneous consumption.

Finally, my choice to use the Pots even though they were not necessary to keep followers alive had a lot to do with not wanting to waste things collected. I guess, only recently have I slain some creatures solely for XP and not to collect various resources. Am at capacity on most containers. Pots are a good way to drop things off. Can keep a stash of food items nearby for use if you have some important action you want to support with nutrition, like a Purge or Raid. That is, if your pots are actually functioning, which it sounded like you were not observing.

I place all food directly in their inventory. Before the update, prefered food placed in inventory was consumed completely. i.e. put the food in, close the inventory, open again, all gone.

After update, if they are guarding, they consume 1 every ??? Not sure what the rate actually is. However, as stated above, the panther went through quite a bit of meat during/after we were attacked by the demonic shaleback. Poor kitty was beaten badly. But noticed the amount gone while checking it’s health after the shalebacks death. It’s health was also rising rapidly. I had not been in game for three days and just checked. All thralls still had food in inventory, with consumption of 1 or 2 while I was away.

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I place food in Thralls’ inventory but they take food from Thrall pot as well when they do not have it (I used Thrall pot and Feeding box to preserve food on low levels when I didn’t have an Ice box). PC, SP.

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