Can't feed Thralls / Pets since update

Game mode: Online PvP
Problem: BUG
Region: North America

We play on a server with Feeding enabled. Prior to today’s anniversary update everything worked. Now none of our thralls / pets are eating from the Thrall Pot or Feeding Trough but also, when placing food items directly into their inventories, the food item disappears.

No one on the server currently has any way of feeding thralls or pets.

Looks like they changed the eating system. Thrall on a regular decay timer instead of a feeding timer

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So if decay is disabled for our server, enabling it should fix it?

Does that mean on an offical server I need to take my thralls and pets for a walk every couple days? Also what point does the feeding box and thrall pot serve then?

yea i’m very confused what’s going on with feeding thralls. we have private server with no decay.

They told me it was being removed completely from the system. That’s why it is the way it is. The food is still suppose to give them a buff but I don’t see it. So the feeding crate and pot are kinda useless since they just eat it all up instantly but giving them each food is still suppose to help.

We only see the buff when our thralls/pets are in combat … it’s an icon on their health bar.
According the dev kit delver extraordinarie Multigun … the buff lasts one hour OR until server reset. Consuming a preferred food gives a 25% buff, consuming ANY food gives a 10% buff.
Big problem is: thralls and pets take one food items from pot/box every 9-10 minutes … so to keep them buffed they will consume 144 pieces per day per npc … so they consume 5 times more than what they need to stay buffed. Multigun has kindly said he’ll look into the dev kit info on interval between thralls/pets getting food from pots/boxes in response to me asking about that aspect of the feeding.

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I see several issues with this change. First is that we have no way of knowing if the thrall/pet is actually eating, especially when they are hand fed. We usually hand feed the pets/thralls that accompany us sence we tend to leave the base for extended periods of time while exploring or starting work on a satellite outpost. Second, while out exploring, we often put food items on them to delay becoming encumbered. With this change, any food item placed on a thrall/pet is lost. Lastly, we no longer have a reliable means of determing if a pet/thrall is within range of a box/pot. This is crucal when setting up defender positions around a base and making sure they all have food.


We can’t place food in thrall / pet inventories. It just disappears the second we do.

Good idea. Poor execution.

Correct we can’t leave food in there for them to eat later … what is occuring is the thralls/pets consumes/eats ALL the food items as soon as we drop it in their inventory. So the disappearance is them using it to apply the buff (according to information in the dev kit (kindly found by Multigun) & confirmed by Ignasis: if it is a preferred food then it’s a 25% buff, if not a preferred food it’s a 10 % buff; both last for one hour apparently.)
So if we want to buff our thralls/pets without using the thrall pot/feed box distributing food to them … then putting ONE item of food into their inventory should give them the buff.

We can only see if they are buffed when they are in combat … so really difficult to know if the food has had any effect. (i’ve not had a chance to test if we see the 10% buff or if it’s only the 25% that we see in combat)

Naming your pets can help with determining if they are within range of feed box … I decided to have a wolf pack named alphabetically … and when I got to Z, I started again from A but naming for the opposite gender…
but nothing similar for thralls unless you count up the number of the similar named thralls you have scattered about and see that it matches the thrall pot … and if not then fuss with each one of the further away thralls until you are sure all are in range … which sounds very tedious to me … we used to be able to put different food in the various thrall pots and then check the newly deployed thralls have taken it to a) they are in range & b) which pot they are linked to.

No, from previous post all thralls pets you own are tied to logging in only. So if you log in once every 13 days on officials, then all pets across the world refresh. If in a clan, if any clan memember logs in , it refreshes all of them. They are not tied to actual building decay, so a building could decay if you don’t visit it directly, but the pets/thralls will remain.


cool thank you

I did some testing last night. I used one named pet and one feed box. ( keep in mind this test was performed with box range set to maximum). I first set a row of 50 Turian foundations (selected for the clear definition of individual blocks), then put the pet at one end and the box at the other. I then started to move the pet toward the box one block at a time then went to the box to check to see if the pet was listed as being served by the box. Sadly, this method failed as the pet didn’t register until around 20 blocks and while reversing direction, the pet never unregistered even well beyond the afore mentioned 50 blocks. So i changed tactics. I reset the pet and box to each end of the block line and this time i moved the box toward the pet at a rate of one block at a time. After 12 such moves, the pet registered. I moved the box from block 38 to 39 and back again to ensure it was a valid result. The end result was that counting the blocks the box and pet were on, the feed box has a range of 38 blocks. As a result of this testing, i have decided that all my pets/thralls will be within 30 blocks or less of a box/pot.

I have been filling my thrall pots and feed boxes every day and the food disappears with none of it showing up in the thralls or pets like it did before the update. Also, there used to be a timer that told you how long they had till they starved to death. No longer there. Am I to assume they are getting fed? Or, is this becoming an un-needed task? The selection to turn hunger on/off is also gone. Please advise.

Thralls and Pets are devouring food at an alarming rate… my feeding box and thrall are just being decimated.

There was a pet update in this last patch. They show no food or water now.
The thrall pots don’t seem to be working at all. Also, when you transfer an item to a thrall or pet, it disappears.

Iguess the big question here is: With this update, do pets/thralls starve to death anymore? Or is food now only to get the combat buff? The more i read this thread, the more i am inclined to believe that the latter is true. Mayb i will test this theory. I will have an answer in 7 days, unless the admins answer before then.

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Oh boy…pets and thralls do not need food to live. The food now only gives them a bonus. They will consume immediately any food given to them or reachable by pot/crate. So don’t waste time right now over feeding. They won’t die unless you stop playing for so long…not sure the timer on them but believe it’s at least a week.

On that note I hope they adjust it so the thralls/pets won’t eat if they have a food buff already. This way you can place food in pots/crates or their inventory again and they will only eat once the buff had worn off. That would be ideal anyways.

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