Food hoarding (and some other characters that may exceed the minimum required to post this satisfied?)

This is just broken. I can’t keep an accurate accounting of how much food is available if every follower keeps emptying the bowls and boxes to load up on far more than they ever need. What’s more they’ll clutter their inventory with things that don’t even like and/or shouldn’t be able to eat.

Moving food back to general collections and emptying inventories when I need a follower to help haul has become a massive maintenance chore that shouldn’t be necessary.

The way they place mass amounts of food in their own inventory is just bloody annoying and needs to stop

Don’t feed them. That’ll teach them. Far as I know, thrall and pet hunger is still turned off, right?


Honestly, what are you talking about? Is it the Thrall Pot? That hasn’t been used to feed followers since, a couple years ago. It doesn’t work right, the followers use it like a never ending smorgasbord and it wastes food. It still exists in the menus. Same with the Feed Bin/Box, or whatever it is for pet followers. The only thing it is good for these days is to load up when you have an incoming purge or attack in PvP. It used to work okay, but since a patch a couple years ago when the developers announced that the Thrall Pot and Feed Bin was being taken out of regular game play, it hasn’t done anything except act as a garbage disposal. If you’re upset about your followers being piggies, then load it up with putrid meat…that’ll learn 'em.

Dried meat or fish when they are on garrison duty and whatever you want when out adventuring, as long as they are fully leveled up. Otherwise, use the food that gives better chances of what you want the follower to level up the most.

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Fixed that for you.

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They shouldn’t remove them from the game, they should just remove what remains of the old feeding mechanics and make them be decorative items.

Umm, yes. . .this is too funny. You do not NEED to feed your thralls/pets anymore. (Unless this is some kind of bizzare Chef Ramsey role play ) As someone else stated, it was shut down after your basic complaint was amplified a gazillion times on the forums of salt.

I keep a thrall pot in a centralized location with 3 iceboxes full of food, incase I get a purge, then I fill up the pot.

Other than that, they can find their own food.


Your thrall pot or feed box is necessary to be filled in purge, or raids. Your followers are many, so instead of turning around to find out who has gruel, you put it on the thrall pot so everyone will.
This mechanic still works, still helps.
Other than that, putting food on thrall pots and feed boxes it’s unnecessary, I however do it. I put honey on both, I don’t like my thralls and pets to stay hungry :crazy_face::rofl::rofl::rofl:.
So yes in a big way I totally agree with you, I would love this system worked better.


I still use them. Put the excessive amount of honey I get from the improved beehives, and that’s it.

Also I have 3 improved iceboxes full of ingredients, and an other 3 with feasts. :rofl:

Don’t know why, I’m a food hoarder myself, I like “cooking” in this game.


Actually, they should just leave them as is and make sure everyone knows they are not for everyday use.

Tbh, the original mechanics of it were pretty good. It would feed all the followers in a certain radius and you could look and see who was drawing food from the pot. Instead of running around putting food into the inventory of your garrison troops, you could just throw it all in the pot. Then somehow, it became too much for servers to handle because of the constant checking it made the CPU over worked…or so that is what I understood from the explanation. Subsequently, they took out the constant checking and now it just basically dumps food on everyone whether or not they need it.

But yeah, incoming purge…drop a ton of steaks on it.

I’d totally watch that.


IT’S BLOODY RAW! slams fist down on a piece of raw fish

In all honesty I only manually give food to the specific thrall I am going to take with me, the others do not need to have food in their inventory unless I am going to get purged but even then, if you have good enough defenses you really shouldn’t need it then either.


Putrid meat in with the fish?!? My GAWD!!! Cross-contamination! I’m shutting down this kitchen!!!

Gordon is a trip…

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