Food disappears from the Thrall Pot

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

The food disappears from the Thrall Pot and does not appear in the thralls inventory. Just disappears and that’s it.

1.Put food in the pot.
2.After a moment, looked into it. No food. In the inventory of thralls, food is also not.

If thralls have more than 5 hunger missing, they’ll eat all the distributed food instantly (Saw it happen).

If thralls eat food, they should increase their satiety. In the case of satiety equals 0 no matter how much food I put in the thrall pot. With 5 slaves, I put 200 pieces of meat into the pot, which instantly disappeared.

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Sorry to put this no doubt obvious question, but… any mods?

I’m having same issue in PS4. After the Hunger update, we put a Thrall pot in the kitchen, It worked fine, but the consumption rate needed us to be every day hunting to feed them so we decided to modify the server and toogle the hunger system as well as lowing the thrall hunger rates, after that, we did hunt once more and filled up the pot. All our Thralls had 7 days moreless. That sounds right to us (one hunt per week to feed the thralls) and we turned on the hunger system again. At this point the 7 days did change to 6 hours aprox. So we toogle off the hunger system again, and since then all the food we put in the pot or in the Thrall inventories disappears, not rising the hunger of our starving Thralls. We have decided to turn off the Thrall hunger system indefinitely until it works. By other side, the Animals hunger system is working fine for us, we need to hunt once per day, but as it is not needed to cook the meat, is fine for us.


No mods.

Thanks for confirming. Just getting it out of the way.

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