EMERGENCY - FOOD evaporating.. Thralls Dying

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FOOD not lasting in Thrall Pot

Fully loaded Thrall pot. 2+ days of food for all.

Come back 2 hours later, no one has food. It is all gone

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The big issue is that bearer thralls and pets were made to carry stuff fiber is one of the pets food supplies so in essence they wont be able to carry fiber bark or any other food stuffs such as raw fish raw meats ect in this state. Also have been reports that even thralls are eating all the raw foodstuffs.

This BUG has apparantly NOT been worked on. Thralls eat ANYTHING i put into their inventory that can be consumed and their hunger indicator is halfway up. The text under the indicator says 100 %. They will however eat out of the thrall pot at an extremely high rate compared to before these bugs were happening. It is not only the thralls that have this problem. The animals I tame will ONLY eat from the trough, again at a ridiculous rate compared.

Yeah, but they eat EVERYTHING remotely related to foodstuffs. You can drop 500 grilled steaks on a thrall and they will all disappear. Thralls can no longer be tasked to carry extra food, nor can they carry raw food. Same with pets. Furthermore, there is no actual way to tell if and when they are buffed from the food, unless in combat from the clenched fist symbol, when it is too late. Bad mechanic change, it was better dealing with the bugged thrall pots and feed boxes.

So who is going to carry the extra rations for the journey?

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