Thall pot food consumption

Seems like the consumption of food is incredibly high I have about 80, T3 and T4 guard thralls in and around my base. They took out a whole loaded pot of savory fish in under 7 hours. There are 3 other pots to cover of the base area as well and feed the ones that the first pot does not get to.

The time it takes to cook and stock the pots on this base and 4 other smaller bases is like 3 hours. This is an inordinate amount of time to grind in a day and I have had to do it the last two days.

I think this game has finally been crippled now.- so much for saying they heard us around this food grind I see no evidence of that.

My largest base alone consumed 12,000 fish in the last 24 hours- try collecting and cooking that amount its not fun at all, this is a huge waste of time.

This is on an official pve server,

I am not interested in unofficial severs so will never play them.


Gruel? I’m guessing with 12,000 fish you must have several hundred Thralls. If I understand correctly, you only need to make sure and get them some food once every 7 days for them to be content.

Under 100 thralls. And on an official server , The consumption rate is unbelievable. i have fully stacked 6 pots with 4500 fish each today we’ll see how it goes within 24 hours. That’s 27,000 cooked fish in stock. I will total up consumption over a 24 hour period for the thralls.

Okay, you skipped over the part where they don’t need to continuously eat. I assume in order to regen health they’ll need food, but other then that, should just be once every 7 days should be enough.

when I checked all my thralls before logging they all had 5 pieces of fish and the food info showed they had 7 days of food on them.

All food pots which total six had 4500 fish on them.

I would assume since the thralls had 5 fish each on their status indicator they had enough food for 7 days and that the pots would not be drawn upon until the thralls needed a topup.

That is not happening it seems. They continually draw on the food pot to stay at 7 days and do not consume what is in their pack.

At the same time it seems thrall pots are continually pushing food out.

At the 12 hour mark the same pot that was decimated a day before is now at half again.

The system is not working properly its bugged or at least appears to be.

Honestly for me to have to put in 21 hours a week in grinding foods for thralls is pretty stupid. I think funcom has gone way overboard on protestant work ethic mechanics. Its stupid,

At the current rate of consumption one pot is discharging 375 fish per hour. i do not have 375 npc’s.

Also noticed that initial 6 days thralls have before needing feeding or having a pot thrown down is not true.

I had a base with two thralls I intentionally did not feed to see if it worked and both dies at that base. In less than 3 days the were gone.

Gruel is the best food, its fast to cook and easy to gather. I spent 20 minutes collecting Fiber/Seeds and made enough Gruel to feed my 40 thralls for over a week.

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hi is someone maybe also sneaking in and raiding your base?

Not on a PVE server stations are locked. I do believe the system is bugged and pushing food out properly.

And if then grind is that big on my playing time something is wrong or the devs intended maintaining thralls to be like have a part time 3 hr job per day before you can have fun.

So much for casual players.

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oh ok, it seems like a bug…
if you have a way to back up the save, (or if feeding is only required when thralls are placed, and not just stored in a wooden box), maybe you can try something like this to see?

  • to scale down the amount of thralls as a test
  • to scale down the amount of fish you put into the pot
  • and to see what happens if you put like just 20% of the scaled down amount, into the pot, and check often to see what the thralls are doing on a smaller scale.

maybe you can still ration out the food for longer, but when too much is put in, thralls take it.

also maybe it is just thralls in combat, that are munching food on a regular basis, to heal

I was going the route of dried meat myself but gruel does seem like a better idea not that you point that out. Thralls seems like a dog. Keep throwing food at it and it keeps eatting. You (the player/owner) needs to control the eatting. The pot won’t do that for you.

I have a different type of bug with the Thrall Pots: After putting them up and filling them with food, my thralls now have only 2 hours(!) left before they need to eat again, whereas they had over 4 days(!) before I installed the pots :frowning:
This is definitely bugged!

Ich habe das gleiche Problem. Mit 59 Schleimsuppe soll es noch knapp eine Stunde halten.
Vor allem wird der Inventar mit 0/100 angezeigt obwohl sich Nahrung darin befindet.

I guess that means our thralls died by now. (Too lazy to log in, I only keep that base from disappearing… My clanmate is missing and so are the other players on that certain server, so there is no reason at all to log in.)

On testlive they were changed to 7 days because people said the grind was too hard.
Each piece of any food only covered 1-2 points, and they grew hungry in no time at all.

@Jens_Erik I cant think of that being intended? Because on testlive your team changed it to 7 days for a full bar after people said it would drain too fast. (Like 20 min until starting to die from starvation.)
It’s a bad idea to have thralls dying after a single night…
And 12.000 fish do seem like it’s back to insane speed until dying of starvation…

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Vorläufige Analyse zur Thrall Ernährung

  1. Jeder Thrall nimmt Nahrung auf bis alle freien Slots bei ihm belegt sind.
  2. Kommt neue Nahrung in den Pot wird diese sofort von den Thralls absorbiert bis sie die maximale Stapelhöhe der Nahrung erreicht haben.
  3. Haben alle Thralls die Maximale Menge im Inventar kann diese Nahrung im Pot gelagert werden.
  4. Offenbar hält sich jede Nahrung im Pot 40 Stunden lang.
  5. Hat ein Thrall einen Stapel aufgebraucht,füllt er den leeren Slot mit der 1.Nahrung im Pot.Unabhängig von ihrer Menge.
  6. Die Zeitangaben bei den einzelnen Thralls scheinen offenbar vorerst bedeutungslos zu sein.Denn es sind zum Teil recht konfuse Werte angegeben.Sogar 0 Werte bei einem vollen Nahrungsinventar.

Ich hoffe das ich hiermit einigen Leuten einen Gefallen tun konnte.

nuria, i beleive we played on testlive (palm521) . if oyu need a new house with an active server. ill hook you up to get you started, i even give you a base with all T4, so you get on your feet. (its a very friendly PVE server called 1930. :slight_smile:

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i love you too (in case you are sending good words to the commnity, sorry i dont know german… or… whatever language you wrote there XD

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Yes,It is German. I do not speak English.I use a Computer Translator

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Preliminary Analysis on Thrall Nutrition

Each Thrall takes up food until all free slots are occupied.
When new food comes into the pot, it is immediately absorbed by the Thralls until it reaches the maximum stack height of the food.
If all thralls have the maximum amount in the inventory, this food can be stored in the pot.
Apparently, each food in the pot lasts 40 hours.
If a Thrall has used up a stack, it fills the empty slot with the 1st food in the pot, regardless of its amount.
The time data at the individual Thralls seem to be meaningless for the time being, because there are sometimes quite confused values given.Even 0 values with a full food inventory.

I hope I could do some people a favor with this.

Translated with


I don’t see a problem. Currently I have 25 thralls on one thrall pot and they live off my table scraps, virtually no effort needed. Just throw some organic waste into the pot when I run by.