What's wrong with seafood?

Why don’t thralls have any type of fish as their preferred diet?
Exotic Fish and Exotic Shellfish would be a nice addition to their menu.


They used to eat fish, but now they don’t need anything.

You still get an 1 hour buff, If you feed them the RIGHT food, which you see when you access their inventory.
When the thrall fights after you gave him the right food, you will see a buff at the left side.


They get a simple Buff from any kind of food they are able to eat and a + Buff from their favorite food.


Yeah a lot of people seem to think there’s no use of the thrall pot/feeding box.
I always keep preferred food in the fridge for purges.

And I would like to be able to use some of the seafood for that since it’s so abundant.


It tastes fishy, that’s why!

Bring on the red meat and human flesh!


wait, what? ok, feeding pots back then i guess. lol

If you put food in the feeding pot, will it gives a bonus to all the thrall who could access it like if you put food in their inventory ?

I’ll check it once again but it seems to me that it’s right - they all seem to get this buff. Pets as well - from their Feeding Box.


Exotic fish should get buffed enough that players could use them for healing. Savory Fish should give thralls the buff, and unappetizing fish should still be used for oil or ichor.

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What if the Thrall Pot could only hold food that specifically buff thralls? The more food there is, the bigger the buff (maybe capped or diminishing return?). Decay time would be the same as in our inventories (if not gradually getting shorter due accumulative mass), but the food won’t leave spoiled items when they expire in the pot (can’t be used to spam spoiled items) since the thralls are to believably “eat” them (merely a given illusion to satisfy thought).

This way there’s a reason to why players ought to utilise at least one pot and they would behave well, without pinging and thereby not causing lag.


They could be given radius of influence to make sure the tagged thralls aren’t receiving buffs when they distance themselves enough from their pots, but then it might be more beneficial if the thralls did the pinging and not the pots. Thralls getting within reach of their tagged pots is less of a burden than a pot that’s coded to ping every minute or so. I think this addition isn’t necessary tho, but could be cool.

no matter what… lemurians and the Blackhand NPCs should eat fish… they live right there anyways lol

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Does anyone have a screen shot of what the buff looks like on the thrall?

See this post @bostonchrisgaming:

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here you go ! old picture, but you see the buff well.

For the buff to work correctly, simply open the pet or thrall inventory, and take a look at the food shown as preference. Use one of these options to buff them. One meal (peace) is enough for approx 1h.

Have fun !

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do you know what it buffs? and is there a difference in strength of buff between the foods?

It looks like it buffs damage. Yes, different kinds of food give two different buffs. Any food that Thrall/Pet can eat gives ordinary buff (on the picture). Preferred food (different food for different Pets, different roasted meat for Thralls) gives plus buff, more powerful one. If Pets/Thralls can take food from Feeding Box/Thrall Pot they eat their preferred food first.

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