Feeding thralls and pets, please make a choice

seriously either leave feeding completely in the game or take it completely out of the game, but for Gods sake pick one or the other…half the people playing arent even aware you don’t have to feed thralls anymore, some people saying thralls and pets may get a buff if food is in thrall pot or pet feeder, but nobody knows for sure…if we dont have to feed thralls anymore than why is the thrall pot still in the game? if thralls and pets do get a buff from food in pots/feeder, where does it show that? please just pick one or the other and stick with it.


I agree I don’t mind not feeding at this point but no sign they get the buff. Does the duration stack? I know they are taking all food I stuff in there and instantly use it but how much is too much over 3000 food how much does that divide between 20 thralls and how long do each have? I like both either way but they consume food way to fast.

I enjoy giving the buff to my guards but I have to agree. If the whole issue was server performance, why leave it in? Why not just admit you messed up and remove it entirely?

Biggest issue if it was actually framerates wouldn’t having thousands of thralls not entirely one clan but between all players never dying be a bigger problem balance of PvP, Balance of framerates. The adjustment would have to be a shorter decay period but if someone was off due to a issue wouldn’t a single player be shafted due to it? An I can tell you I have seen a friend say his server just became unpleasant and unplayable as the two top clans added over what he believed to be 2000 thralls total between both of them but this is a Private G-portal rented server which I am starting to absolutely find loathsome and actually question why they would lock into one company the money couldn’t have been worth it, competition allows for better servers to the players they get paid from more than one provider I am sure, an honesty I believe there game is suffering from the fact G-portal is hosting nearly all of there private servers and maybe Official servers.

They do get buff and you can see it on their health bar when they’re fighting. They say Thralls and Pets get 10% buff from any food and 25% from their favorite one, and this buff lasts for 1 hour.

I would like to ask if you could post a picture I am on PS4 and I have fed over 3000 meat and I see nothing of the sort nor a duration based of the amount fed to them. That and they shouldn’t consume it all so fast 1 per hour at least that way I could use thralls as food carriers like I use to other wise storing stock in my black ice box is worthless now because well I need the healing and I can just carry a fire pit with me and a small batch of wood. So ANY proof this is actually happening would be amazing. I may feed more if it stacks accumulatively. Not the damage buff but the duration.

Now we can’t use Thralls and Pets to carry food anymore. I don’t like it too. We do not see buff when they are not in a battle - it’s bad too. I hope Funcom will adjust it soon.

Well if food is a issue for you like it was me, I think I was using Gruel before I realized 10.00 pounds, A stack of 100 honey is like 2.0 if I recall and if you don’t mind, compost, dung and a lot of Gruel makes fat grubs fast and curbs hunger nicely and they don’t weigh too much. If it helps any. Lol

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This is a screenshot of a rhino with the 25% combat buff from desert berries:

20190512001119_1 https://forums.funcom.com/uploads/short-url/c0DUDZF5HeN4Oa74hqQgEILFbxv.jpeg

We do not see the 10% buff at any time. We can not see how long the buff will last. We can not see either buff if we interact with the thrall/pet. We can only see the 25% buff when our thrall/pet is in combat and we look at their health bar.

People who have looked at the dev kit says the buff lasts one hour. That preferred food gives a 25% combat buff and non-preferred food gives 10% buff. Confirmed by Ignasis. No evidence that more food consumed will extend total buff time.


I have not looked into the Dev kit and I suspect that few regular gamers will, but that’s good to know.

This is something I mentioned in another thread, the only way to tell if there is a buff or a thrall has eaten anything is to send them into combat…yeah, that’s a pretty bad mechanic.

I do very much agree with the idea of this thread, maybe not the particulars, in that the eating and feeding system really needs to be dealt with. Either make it necessary or don’t make it at all. As for me, I prefer the system where you need to feed the troops and they will utilize the food in a timely manner. Right now, if you put 150 grilled steak on a thrall, they get eaten immediately,…surprised they don’t puke on the spot. On the other hand, I don’t want to play cafeteria simulator either.

Why do we even need thrall pots and feed boxes anymore? The only reason I can think of is to load them up right before a purge on that particular base, other than that they are useless and take up space.

This needs to be fixed and not just fixed, the Devs need to stop vacillating and make a decision on ‘What’s it gonna be?’ instead of half this, half that, oh they get buffs, but now they cant carry stuff…it goes on and on.

Fix it. The previous system was better than this crap.


Appreciate the time time you took to do this, I will eventually get into the server I mainly play on and when I do if any of my guys still have a buff when in combat it stacks because I’ve been feeding well over the 3000 food because I still like the RP factor and I live near a nice food source. So thank you a bunch!

Agreed feed them, they get hunger and regeneration based off the food preferences and quality etc and damage buff that way feeding does more than feed, is it sad I have been enjoying cafeteria simulator? I think I may well be ultra Autistic, either way feeding should fill them, buff them, heal them and be increased based off preferences and they should have many preferences which different buffs only applying 1 at a time for 1 hour not stacking as not to continuously eat all food making them useless for carrying my back up healing supplies.

Hi, Funcom (ie Ignasis) has said that the food buff is wiped when servers restart and thralls&pets need to have another piece of food after each server restart to obtain the buff again.

I’ve never been able to feed a pet. I can put a 50 stack of meat on my wolf and 5 hours later it is still a 50 stack of meat. Since the patch they take tons of foof from the box and just hold on to it, but never eat it (we removed the feedbox) but placing food on them does zero as far as I can tell.

How do you get pets to actually eat the food?

On pve official PC game - putting any food item into the inventory of thrall or pet - the entire stack of food disappears immediately.
So for your situation I’m wondering, do you play with mods in your game?
I have read that a number of mods was not compatible with the old feeding system and it sounds from your report that there is still an issue.

Feeding system have been broken on modded servers for a long time. I play SP so it’s working for me.

But I like the Thrall Feeding Pot. It makes for a cool looking placeable for my kitchen, whether it functions or not. Look I honestly dont mind either way if we keep the hunger system or remove it entirely. However, please let us keep the thrall and pet feeders as placeables; even if they dont do anything.

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If so, then maybe add them to the Artisan bench?

Oh it doesnt bother me where they are built Fable, so long as they remain.

I went with a notion (I haven’t put any points to that bench) that if the blocks in question have visual value alone, could we relocate them to the bench so that I can relocate my points elsewhere.