Feeding your Thralls

Hi just would like to know if you really don’t need to feed your thralls anymore has anyone tested this yet? I’m still feeding my thralls I’m afraid they might die cause the days still counts down if they don’t get feed

i dont feed mine - but i think we disbanded the feeding as well. if you are very unsure - maybe set a single thrall outside the reach of your thrall pot without food - then you will know in a week

I play on two official servers. One is my long established character and base. On that game, I’ve let my food pots run dry with no issue. My other game is a start up and my three brand new thralls have never been feed. However. I do believe the buffs are still active if you feed them their preferred food. It’s just not necessary to feed them at all anymore.

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what buffs do you get from feeding them?

Yes @Thira I have a thrall separated from a thrall pot the others (if you check there inventory) says 6 or 7 days of food while the one thrall separates says 3 days with so many hrs left if we don’t have to feed them why is the days counting down I was just wondering but I will find out in 3 days … as for the buffs if you feed your thralls there preferred food your suppose to get buffs on strength or vitality not sure which or if I’m correct but I’ve feed them and I don’t see any markers on them to know if the buffs are active

And thx @JTtheDestroyer for the comment guess I don’t have to worry to much of logging on one day and all my thralls are dead from starvation

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