Just need comfirmation - Thralls really don't need food anymore?

Cuz I don’t wanna test this out cuz I play on official lol. Now that mugging things is harder.

Thralls really really can live without food now?


I have the same question. According to the patch notes you no longer need to feed thralls or pets. However, it also says that food gives thralls buffs. Hey, I’ve never noticed a buff on any thrall, even with the recommended meat. And do pets get buffs with the right food? And what are these mysterious buffs?

So if you don’t need to feed pets, you can’t let them starve to death if you don’t want them any more. Therefore, the only way to get rid of unnecessary pets is to not log on for two weeks, which is stupid since all your bases will decay. And, needless to say, what’s the point of having pet feeders in the game?

I think Funcom either needs to change some things or expand their explanations concerning thralls and pets.


@Ignasi … could you take it to the team to recheck that the requirement for thralls to be fed for survival is disabled properly.
I raise this concern due to what I just observed in my game … I play on an official PC PvE server.

Just an hour before posting this I decided to check the hunger status of an archer I had moved a few days ago. She was put out of range of a thrall pot … her hunger meter read 49/100 … I put 100 honey into her inventory… she consumed 51 of them and her hunger meter returned to 100/100.


I saw someone else post in the bug section that thralls can still starve. I can’t confirm and not sure which post, but best to assume they will starve until someone can confirm for sure. I see the settings are still there for enabling/disabling the food requirements for thralls and pets.

Seems strange to keep that setting if they no longer starve?


I am also very confused by that patch note. They don’t need food at all? So why do we still have thrall pots and feed troughs? What buffs are they talking about?

On our server, pet and thrall feeding was turned on prior to the patch. But it was buggy because we have the Pippi mod. So we turned it off. But the animals still acted like they were starving. Roaring and being annoying. After the patch, they still roared but no longer showed they were starving on their inventory. The starving roars stopped after a server restart.

@Fortyniners We get rid of thralls and pets we don’t want by dropping them into the Yog pit shrine. T1 will do. Pet BBQ.

Can confirm our thralls and pets starved to death today on official pvp server.


Thanks for the confirm.

Hey there,

Our team is looking into why thralls are still dependent on the hunger system for some players.
Thanks for the heads-up.
@Bj5773 On which server did this happen to you?

Please everyone be aware that pets and thralls still will have their hunger bar go up and down, but when it reaches 0 they shouldn’t take any damage and die as a consequence of that.
There’s also remnants of the old system in the UI, i.e. the event log will still warn of thralls starving. They should still take no damage because of that. If that still happens, please let us know :slight_smile:

So is the hunger system supposed to go away completely then, other than food buffs? I noticed earlier today that the settings for the hunger system are still present in the settings menu. Are these supposed to be there or are they just leftovers like the event log warnings?

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Yes, in time we will remove outdated elements of the hunger system from the UI.

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Pvp 1540. We have a lot of thralls/pets set out to intentionally starve to death.

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I hope this new photosynthetic nourishment is retro-active to the “old” thralls.

After intense Testing on our dedicated server I must say that this feature doesn’t motivate me or all the other players on our server to anything.
First - This feature is penalizing players which forget to feed their Thralls/Pets with a Decrease of Hitpoints but it doesn’t reward them with anything when they feed them. We didn’t experienced any buffs for our Pets/Thralls.
Second - The Settings are totally outdated and not very good selfexplaining.
Third - This feature still doesn’t function with mods on the server which are updated to the actual Devkit, like Pippi and more. And beside this, these mods adds a lot more longtime motivation to this game than this feature, which adds…?
I suggest: Abbondon the feedsystem.The death of the Pets / Thralls is already bound to the decaysystem anyway


I have mixed feelings about the feed system.
I am used to it because of ARK, but I know so many friends quit because of it. They had way too many thralls and they decided they weren’t interested in being beekeepers.

With purges working again and being a little more hardcore, I suppose more thralls are needed, which would be a logistical hassle to keep all thralls in range of the pots… as bases grow in size due to the optimizations coming soon. Thus the change in design philosophy on the feeding part.

The whole point of pots is to mass-buff thralls prior to a purge I think. Not really to add chores.

“Never go to war on an empty stomache”

It’s suppose to be a little preparation ritual that players do against purges. Build a preservation box next to pots with prepped Thrall happy-meals for when purge comes. That’s doing it right.

Instead people surround pots with beehives with the old system.

This change is very welcome. It encourages people to use the feeding system the way it’s sentiment was designed for.


But what are the benefits of this System? I didn’t experienced any of them, if they are there. Which buffs do they grant?
Right now it’s a demotivating, I also would say boring feature, because it grants no benefits.
And it’s annoying that this Feature is bugged on servers with updated mods, currently some of the most famous mods are affected since introduction of the Hungersystem 2018. This feature is bugged now for a half year. I would abandon such a system and we will definitely deactvate it on our server again, because we want to play with mods.

I was a vocal opponent of its adoption at the time, and lobbied for the two checkboxes we now have. First thing I did was go into my server and uncheck both hungers. Second thing I did was spawn a chest filled with Shadespice and spiced feeds to repay the server for its patience.

If I’m heavily invested in a character on an RP server I’ll actually write a little novella of his pre-story, and progress. I’ll do it real-time during the game’s nighttimes, at whatever crude desk or mat I can find. Preparing food and sharing it would be part of that evening ritual for me, and makes for a richer experience. But that’s if I’m doing something cinematic, or RP-centric.

Mostly though, I’m at “war” as a solo. I’m glad to have it switched off for those times.

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:joy: That’s a nice idea. In Germany we would say „Lückenfüller“ - it means in example we Keep us busy while waiting for the laundry getting dry in our laundry dryer.
So the feedsystem might be the laundry dryer in this case.


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