Removing the need to feed thralls

I would suggest removing the need to feed thralls/pets from the game as well. As I don’t have 2-3 hours to run around feeding everyone as well as my own character. The thrall pots are also a pain and junk up the camp/bases for me. Placed several of them around camp, the pots just randomly pick the same thralls in the selected list and not all of them. I would prefer to just be able to focus on playing the game instead. As thralls don’t do much anyway and wont hold any weapons anymore and just stand there. The game still crashes a lot in single player offline and online in server mode.

Unfortunately Funcom did not consider what would happen to thralls when a player stops playing and their base decays and disappears. The thralls prior to the starvation system remained forever on the PvE servers unless players kited bosses on top of them and the bosses killed them.
Feeding and starvation and them dying from starvation was their solution.

I suggest you get a more efficient method of feeding them - such as beehives - and load the thrall pots & animal feed boxes with honey. Or load the thralls & pots with gruel. Or dried fish.

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Single player it can be disabled, multiplayer, beehives or gruel.

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Let Em eat fishes

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I think we just need more methods to passively gather food, rather than removing the feeding system.


That’s what mine eat … both cooked and dried … their cholesterol level must be low considering how much omega-3&6 they get from their diet. But I do wonder how we manage to avoid getting scurvy …

However the original poster has indicated feeding his people is taking up too much time…
and fish takes time to cook and it goes to putrid meat in cooking stations faster than gruel goes to spoiled gruel. Honey doesn’t go off and requires no preparation after it’s taken from the beehives for the thralls or pets to eat.

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Its annoys me that meat go to putrid meat so u are not able 1 day farm and u are free for month

Hello, ok so Improved Beehives and honey for all then. The dried meat and fish work as well, thanks

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They should make it so there’s at least one food item that takes an in-game week or longer to decay. of course if you’re in the snow biome it should take a lot longer. this is supposed to be a survival game so the fact that most food rots within one game day isn’t even realistic should take at least three for most Foods

put food in dryer, i heard it stays longer /idk if thralls eat it/

Depending on server settings thralls may eat anything. Mine have to do with a huge pile of human flesh :slight_smile:
BTW food spoils extra fast when stored in campfires. To get some quick ichor without hunthing spiders or fish just build some large campfires and let it rot.

Build an Icebox to preserve your food. It works!

That’s not really the point though it’s a survival game most of the food after being cooked should last 3 in-game days without being preserved in any way but it goes bad in less than half a day but in reality if you cook a steak it’s going to last 3 days without Refrigeration after that of course you risk getting sick if you eat it

In reality cooked meat above fridge temperature is a prime growth medium for bacteria that can release toxins into the meat… general food safety guidelines is to refrigerate cooked meat within two hours of cooking if you intend to eat it at a later time to minimise the risk of toxin-producing bacteria from multiplying to a point that there is a hazardous level of toxins in the meat that could result in food poisoning. This time is dropped to one hour if you are in a hot climate. Preserved meat (dried, spiced,salted) is a different matter.

But this game is not even close to reflecting a survival reality … let’s start with food:
We harvest from wild animals in the dirt with tools we don’t clean. We shove that meat into our backpack with a variety of other things which contaminate the meat. We don’t clean it with boiled water …oh whilst I’m on water …we can drink from any source and NEVER get sick from it … we then cook it on a campfire and shove it back into the same backpack with uncooked meat …and all the dirty tools…and stones, wood etc…and we never get sick from eating the cooked food.
We cook a stack of meat within a short time frame…it stacks to say 50…and there is a decay timer running …when we consume an item from that stack we refresh the decay timer but in REALITY the food we didn’t eat would STILL BE IN THE SAME DECAY STATE regardless of how much of it we ate…in the game if the decay expires then ONE piece of the stacks rots and the timer starts again from maximum…,in REALITY ALL the food would rot around the same time!

Getting wounded:
In this game if you get mauled by an animal you eat a bit of food, consume an aloe-juice drink or a healing bowl of ambrosia made from the essence of a dead human whilst you are carrying on with normal activities eg walking / sprinting / harvesting / crafting.
In reality if you were mauled by an animal you would need to stop and clean the wound, bind it, perhaps stitch it or cauterise it or risk getting it infected and killing you. You would take days to weeks to heal … during which you would be impaired to varying degrees depending upon where you were wounded.

In this survival game the game designers decided to NOT make us sleep. Sure we run out of stamina but we never get fatigued and have to sleep …

But I don’t want any of those realities in THIS game…you can find other games which are more reflective of reality …

Hey there,

We have been keeping an eye on this thread and we are perhaps, maybe taking some of the ideas and evaluating a possible change to the thrall feeding mechanic. I cannot guarantee anything at all, but just wanted to let you know that we’re watching and listening :slight_smile:



You are either a pharmacist / doctor or a very aware mom / dad. :rofl:
It was fun to read! Thank you, it has been a while since my thoughts went in this direction.

A couple of changes I’d welcome is a check box on drying racks and the various cooking stations to allow thralls to take food from them directly … but the check box is essential so you can stop them from taking food you are specifically preparing for your own use. Eg if I’m cooking a batch of spiced food in preparation to heading into the snow, I’d be mighty annoyed if it got distributed randomly to my thralls.

If it’s possible to make a checkbox on stations to allow thralls to take directly from them , then it should be possible todo the same for pets out of the fish traps and shellfish nets.
And for both thralls and pets to access beehives.

Another issue is that the thralls register putrid meat as a food item but do not consume it…therefore if they get to a five stack of putrid meat then they won’t take from the thrall pot.

I do hope that there will be NO change to honey … the increased stack size was welcome and no decay is fitting with honey in reality…it lasts forever…

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I really think the current system works quite well to be honest. Yes, the thrall pots can be polished but overall it’s quite nice and I really REALLY would not like it if it was removed. Did you forget all the flying thralls?

And to be fair, after a certain point food is like the easiest thing to get. Just make a few fish traps and 2 beehives and you get infinite food for all your thralls. If you want to feed all of your thralls with their favorite diet than it can be quite challenging… but you don’t have to!

Obviously in a more humid climates the meat is going to grow bacteria but it doesn’t rot after three days you can reheat it and kill the bacteria I do this every time I go hunting and in a desert which I live in the meat starts to dry after 30 minutes if you season it correctly after 3 days it’s really good jerky and yes I do make my own jerky the point is it doesn’t rot in three days it’s still edible

If the thrall pots stay it would be nice if they were made smaller. And maybe in different cultural styles.

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