Thrall pot and thralls

Heyo everyone. Just wanted to ask if anyone else has had some issues with the thralls taking food from the the thrall pot but not consuming it, as what my previous playthrough were in EL. I’m having putrid meat everytime I log in back, and weirdly enough, I don’t put in any food in their inventory, only in the Thrall pot. Is this a change that I didn’t see with the latest update?

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Try gruel, instead.

I can stack food on my thralls next loggin food is gone sometimes putrid meat in there inventory. Pre Sipath they would go through thrall pot really fast something definitely different

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the thralls are ‘taking’ food from the pot but not consuming it as usual, unless they are hurt. It’s weird, they are constantly having food, be it gruel, fish, meat in their inventory when I leave food in the thrall pot. And when relogging, because of decay, the food rots in their inventory. It’s frustrating because I have to constantly transfer those food back to the thrall pot. And they will take each kind of food regardless and fill their inventory.

I’ve got a T3 bearer and left her for a day or two. When i relog, I see almost 4 slots filled with food when I did nothing. I don’t mind the auto fill but I rather they consume it as well. Oh well, another thing to take note.


I use my thrall pot as a pot to hold thralls before placing them. My thrall pot is a literal pot of thralls.

The play on words amuses me. (simple things for simple minds I guess)

Not advisable on servers where anyone can wander by and loot your place, though.

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