Bug with animals and thralls after recent Hotfix/Patch

All tamed animals seem to be hungry, thralls also, but don’t lose health. The hunger status bar is stuck at 0/100, even after giving some food. Any solutions? All thrall pots and feed boxes show 0 sec. left and can’t be refilled. It’s a private dedicated server.

Any mods? If so, there is a bug across the board with many mods in the workshop that will affect Thralls and Pets eating. It’s not something modders can fix either.

If you are running any mods, my recommendation is to turn off thrall and pet eating until a fix from Funcom comes out for us modders.


NOT On officials, i would recommend if you are playing a modded game, say so, when reporting bugs.

here is your solution.

  1. play official (unmmoded)
  2. wait until the mod creators update their mods to support the latest official build.
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Well number 2 isn’t an option as the Thrall feeding bug is something outside of modder control. However I am in agreement to always consider mods on the server (assuming the player is using them) when bug reporting and indicate as such when issuing bug reports.


We are not using any mods.

Have you tried rebooting the server, or switching on and off the server setting for feeding?

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Here you go, OP isn’t using mods.
You shouldn’t be to prompt accusing modded games and mods, nor telling people to play official. While official may please some, it’s not the thing for all players. We’re all different and enjoy our games in a different way.

Also i know plenty of people experiencing this feeding issue, with or without any mods, and ever on official for some.
We hope all for a solution, because not a easy to handle issue for some.

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As your private dedicated server is not using any mods then I think you need to check the settings for thrall and pet feeding and see what these are. I wish I could easily find the posts that gave what the default settings are so you can see if yours are different.
I have read of other bugs where settings have been altered without the user doing it deliberately. Such as there was an issue if your local server/computer is set for a European language (eg German) and you set things over 1000 as the computer renders it as 1.000 instead of 1,000.

Searching for the release notes on the pet system and thrall feeding I’ve not found the default settings but a list of settings that you can check to see if they seem appropriate (i’ll edit if i find “vanilla” values in my searching):

Enable Hunger System: Thralls ToggleHungerSystemThralls Toggles the hunger system for thralls.
Enable Hunger System: Pets ToggleHungerSystemPets Toggles the hunger system for pets.
Food Nutrition Value FoodNutritionValue The amount of nutrition the companion gain from eating food.
Starvation Time In Minutes StarvationTimeInMinutes The amount of minutes it takes for companion hunger gauges to go from 100 to 0.
Starvation Damage Penalty Cap StarvationDamagePenaltyCap When a companion’s hunger gauge reaches 0, they start taking damage to their health. This value determines how much health can be removed in total, given in percent where 1 means 100% of the health.
Animal Pen Crafting Time Multiplier AnimalPenCraftingTimeMultiplier Multiplies the speed of crafting in animal pens.
Food Container Range multiplier FeedBoxRangeMultiplier Multiplies the distance that Food Containers can feed your companions.
Exclusive Diet ExclusiveDiet Determines whether companions exclusively eat items listed on their diet. Disabled means they will eat any food item, in addition to their diet.

Thanks for all your replies. I will try to reset the server settings once again. I will reply this evening if it was successful.

Hi everyone, first I want to clarify the issue. We are able to put food in feed box and thrall pot, but it had no effect.
I applied the following changes on L1z4rD’s server by either disabling or changing values for the following settings:
The server was restarted after the changes, then I re-applied the original values and restarted the server. Now the starvation timer for thralls is being shown as set (240mins). I provided them (30 thralls) with about 250 units of shellfish or fish, but that merely added several minutes to their timer (less than an hour overall).
The situation with pets is different. Some pets have their starvation timer and food meter at 0, but are not dying. They will eat food, but it doesn’t change their timers (even when fed directly). With the rest of the pets, it is the same as with the thralls. Food adds very little to their timers. Like 1x human flesh adds about one minute.

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