Giving Thralls or Pets food to carry causes food to disappear

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: All

Giving thralls and animal followers food to carry will cause all of the food given to them to disappear or lock in their inventory instantly. This is with thrall and pet hunger turned off.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Give a thrall / pet food
  2. Watch it all disappear or lock in their inventory, then disappear

Unfortunately this is the intended mechanic. Funcom coded it so all items that are considered food are immediately “consumed” when they are put into the inventory of pets or thralls.
The non-preferred food items give a hour long 10% combat buff that we can not detect on our thrall/pets.
If it was preferred food items then the thrall/pet gets a hour long 25% combat bonus that we can see as a fist icon on the thrall/pet healthbar when they are in combat.

Yes many have pointed out that entire stacks of food items disappearing from thrall/pet inventories is stupid.

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Ever since ? Whatever patch or update…maybe when Turanian came out. Thrawl and pets don’t need to be fed. And yes the food will vanish.

I’m sure servers full of age old clans pets and thrawl floating around causes server issues.

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