Pet, and thrall hunger sysytem

am i the only one here, that the lost all settings, to enable or disable hunger sytem, i have thrall pots, and pet feeders full, and yet my thralls and pets dont eat from them, and in the food time left in either pets, or thralls, nothing apears for time left, and no more options in the (pet and hunger) setting…

it seems more and more thrall pot stuff is hitting the fan.

since several weeks there is no need to feed thralls and animals anymore. Yesterdays patch removed some of the related “indicators” which still had been in game.

In Short - you didnt need to feed thralls or animals since several weeks - they however kept saying they are starving ----- last patch fixed this and removed many of the “leftovers”

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In my case, if I put food directly on them it just disappears. It won’t just sit there in there inventory.
Also, they do not appear to be getting the food buff for strength either.
Seems broken since food placed on them is lost.

I gived to my follower thrall his cooked meat and in combat, shortly after, he had the bonus.

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NOW THIS IS FUN!! pass so much time colecting food for thralls and pets, and they decide, well screw it, so now tons of food usless (HOURS,WEEKS, MONTHS!!!) of hunting, fishing…whatever, and wen you place a thrall or pet they are at 67 % wowser, and let’s not get in to the combo attacks MAJOR screw up, sometimes wondering if this game is in progression, or regression, comon lets go back to one hit slash…combos where just fine, exelent, and yet you find a way to screw it up. (DONT FIX WHAT ISN’T BROKEN!!!) GOD DAMIT.

I honestly feel your pain ram168, and I am not saying that to be a troll or anything. I too have spent hours, months, and, weeks on hunting, gathering, and, fishing. Also I am sick of being told that this patch fix is a fix when it in truth feels more like a set of bugs. The thrall feeding system was fine when it was implemented, and then all of the sudden they decide to throw it out, but keep parts of it that make no sense. Making the system mundane. I honestly feel betrayed by the recent changes in this game, and because of that I am going to be finding a new a game. Although I wish to be heard since it seems those who should listen will not. The reason I am leaving Conan Exiles is because I am sick of being told that a plethora of bugs is a fix. The game currently now is unplayable, and the server numbers are dropping faster than raindrops in a thunderstorm. Please take this users advice and stop fixing things that are not broken. I mean is it so hard to stop breaking the game every patch? Anyways I cant do this anymore. The amount of stress that this game has caused me over fun is ridiculous. Games are supposed to be fun this is nothing more than a mess. Way to screw up a good thing.

-The fun is gone :frowning:

It’s a pity you (and several others) feel that way. Since the last couple of updates, most bugs that have been bugging me have disappeared, so there’s very little left for me to complain about. Obviously this experience isn’t shared by everyone, which is unfortunate.

I do not doubt you if you say that the current bugs are preventing you from playing, or at least making playing so unenjoyable that you don’t want to play. I can only share my experience that things can get better. I understand you may not want to keep playing until the issues that are troubling you are fixed - I had a similar time a few months ago - but I want to keep believing that Funcom is doing their best to improve the game, and I hope that some day they manage to fix it for you so that you can enjoy it as much as I do now.

I still love this game so much @Kapoteeni, I think Funcom is doing an hard and good work but honestly I feel some… disappoint with last updates:

  • one time you had to wait even a long time to load the icons of things in a chest, but the things was there.

Now it’s the content itself isn’t loaded sometimes for 3-4 minutes, this is an effect of an “optimization”.

Well this optimization don’t reduce the load time nor even the drop of fps while near to big player buildings, not in a way I could appreciate with my eyes without a specific software in any case.

What was the issue to fix in that case if the pro isn’t something I can see, but the cons affect the gameplay ?

  • one time as in any other similar game I could furiously press the left button and enjoy combat against bosses, now I have to perfect timing clicks and pray the server doesn’t lag or desync because if not I’ll lose the combo and probably the fight because my character will be stucked like a stokefish.

Yeah, last thing only means I’m noob, of course I am, I’m 39 years old and my clanmate is my mother 70 y.o. so what ? Do you expect will become better over the time at this point ?

I can’t enjoy a videogame if I’m not a pro ?
On the official server where I play most of players are over 30 yo anyway.

This is not an FPS this is not Fortnite or PUBG, this is not at all competitive, what was the issue to ‘fix’ ? What was the problem at all ?

  • I enjoyed the hunger system, it had one big problem: it was introduced to delete thralls and pets of clans long time gone, but if they was overfeeding them, they could stay in the game even a month after their owners leaved.

Ok, at least that was a real issue in pve and pve-c.

But can we speak about the solution ?

What we did to feed our thralls and pets in this time is now useless, work and resources wasted.

Plus, the new system gives us no way to kill our own pets and thralls we could kill previously by hunger, and setting in 2 weeks after last log-on of one member of the owner clan the Death date of thralls and pets, when the decay timer is ONE week, they transformed a problem sometimes it happened in something it happens for at least one week EVERYTIME a clan Leaves the server ! It’s a BIG problem.

I don’t forget all beautiful things they added and the bugs they fixed, don’t get me wrong, but this 3 things are not new bugs, they are intended mechanics, but they are simply awful.

And I’m saying this because I know Funcom always heard our feedbacks and I have faith in their good work, not to complain for the love of complaining.

Exactly what were you doing that this was an expensive undertaking? :thinking: Everyone on my server just built beehives next to their thrall pots/feedboxes then filled them with honey. IME the time-investment was only slightly greater than the materials required: minimal.

Now I will agree that removing feeding has created a headache in terms of orphaned thralls lingering on for way too long. However, it seems like changes are still coming thru bit-by-bit where this is concerned, so hopefully a good solution to that will be in place here soon.

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That’s a difficult question to answer. Sometimes the problem isn’t something that’s visible in the game, but something deeper in the coding. Frankly, the only realistic answer is “We don’t know”. But I’d like to think that Funcom knows - why would they waste manpower and resources for something they did not perceive to be a problem? They would have to be either incompetent or malevolent, and no matter how many times people on the Net blame them for the latter, it simply never makes sense from a business perspective to sabotage their own product.

So it comes to whether they’re incompetent and tried to fix something that wasn’t a bug in the first place, ending up breaking something else in the process, or whether there actually was a problem that wasn’t just obviously visible for the players, and as a result something else got broken. Both options are possible, we’ve seen plenty of examples of both in the game industry.

But no matter which is the case, it’s always more constructive to assume the best. If we tell a game programmer that his game has bugs, he will try to fix those bugs. If we tell the game programmer that he sucks at his job, he won’t.

Well, the best resource I spent is time: I have 18 outposts and a main base with 12 thrall/pet feeding pots, each of them was feeding a dozen of pets/thralls, requiring to be refilled every 3 days circa, so in total I’ve build 30 pots, 120 beehives and spent at least 100 hrs of play for this system.

Now this effort means nothing… unfair don’t you think ? :wink:

Being myself a software developper I know sometimes huge problems are totally invisible to end user and viceversa huge problems for the users are sometimes a single character (> instead of < for example :wink: ) in the code.

I repeat: I’ve faith in Funcom for all things they are doing about CE, and it’s for this reason I think it’s important our feedback: ok there was a huge problem by your side and you fixed, I’m telling you the fix created a new problem for us, so please try to fix it as well :wink:

I support the Devs to deactivate the Hungersystem step by step. It’s the right way. For me from the beginning this system was a system with 2 b‘s : buggy and boring. Next to that they didn’t reach their goal to decimate the number of pets/Thralls on high populated servers or get rid of them in a manageable time, when a clan or a player don’t visit a server anymore.
There should be other motivating incentives to engage in pets/Thralls.
The question here is, why do players/clans produce such huge amounts of pets/Thralls.
Because that’s the only thing you can do with them. There is no development for pets/Thralls like Training and Specializing. There is no naming system for Thralls, there is no further interaction system like commands or other abilities which will motivate the player to keep busy with only a special thrall. Such system would help the player to build a psychological Liaison to his Thralls and pets. And this would probably help to prevent massproduction of Thralls and Pets on servers. The more the players can do and develop their Thralls/Pets, the more they will identify with them and protect them, the less they will produce masses of needless Thralls/Pets.

No actually the reason I mass produce pets is the random nature of the purge system maybe or maybe not hitting our bases when we can’t play during those hours … AND the AI is really really bad at fighting

And I do not agree with turning it off piece-meal UNTESTED instead of using the test live system. For example - back in March when they removed death by starvation they had to hotfix in the thrall decay commands. They hadn’t added them into either the GUI and couldn’t guarantee they were in the server ini upon update.
Now we are having this fiasco with all food items disappearing from thrall and pet inventory regardless of buff status, preferred food type, amount or type of food.
Poor job removing the system, I could not see anything so urgent about the way it was that has warranted these piecemeal untested code changes. IF it was over players loading thrall/pets full of food so they’d last for about 2.5 months without feeding…well then simply keeping the feed system as it was and adding the “all thrall/pet despawn after owners not logged in for x days” would have solved that UNTIL they had finished and properly tested deactivating food mechanics.

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I totally agree, at the current state the only way to truly resolve problem of thralls/pets remining on the server is with BOOTH, actual system (but not 2 weeks, reduce it to just one, please) + hunger system.

Because we have huge bases to defend against purges. And the problem is NOT having them until we have the base itself, the problem is: if the base is gone pets and thralls have to be gone too.

And I said the BASE not the clan itself, if I let decay or I dismantle an outpost why I’m unable to do the same with pets/thralls guarding it ?

There are a really high number of possible solutions, with pro and cons:

-1 hunger system + current system
-2 reduce current system time to disappear of pet and thrall to 1 week + let us kill our own pets/thralls like we are dismantling a building
-3 transform feed pots in a sort of life system for pets and thralls: if the pot a pet or thrall is related is gone the pet/thrall can survive only 24 hrs if you don’t place it near a new one.
-4 just make a decay timer of 24 hrs for pet and thralls being outside the territory claimed by their owners


I really don’t mind what, but we NEED a solution to this problem.

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There is another possible solution:
Deactivate the Hungersystem for all servers until it is wiped out. I already deactivated it for our private dedicated server.

Why collecting?
A bunch of beehives was more than enough…

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