Thrall and Pet Food System Removal

Hello, I am here to petition and request its return however with a few simple changes to make it work properly and as not to cause a single person to acquire 1000+ thralls and pets and be un-attackable by a a clan of 10 or more. Obviously working to feed them was a hassle but it was a system that makes keeping them alive something worth while and a balance system.

First here are a few suggestions.

  1. No food consumption unless attacked by a clan when no clan members are on to defend now when the food is consumed excluding ‘Gruel’ which ill get to later provides a regeneration boost to heal Thralls and pets for more health per-second, so if no clan members are on food is not consumed or expires or expires drastically slower.
  2. Allow the use of the food ‘Gruel’ to be used but provide basic hunger satisfying including all low quality foods, then allow higher grade foods to provide a longer lasting hunger satisfying and duration of decay of hunger stat, while providing increased health regeneration during and out of combat lesser during and outer being higher, as only one thrall or pet is allowed.
  3. Thrall pot and Feed box should feed everything within the claimed land of the owner/clan instead of having a radius or allow specific animals to be told that is there feed box and they will be the only ones to exclusively take from it no matter where it is placed within claim land as not to feed across the whole map.

Before I continue until the 1.40 patch on PS4 which I play on the food system was working as originally intended upon its removal or complete disabling after 1.40 I have seen clans that I could have attacked solo now no longer is possible with over 1000 or so thralls being enlisted I was the weakest clan but my base was made of the best material making it the strongest to fight against but now I feel like the easiest target luckily I cannot be attacked by 1000+ I took me over a week to relocate the Demonic spider from being a roommate I recently added 2 clan members friends I know they even liked the food system. I wanted to host a perfect server with perfect PVP times, PVP building damage and perfect PVE settings but the whole reason I played was removed, please simply consider these changes and IF NEED BE MAKE THEM SEVER SETTINGS ENABLED!

  1. Allow a bigger Diet for Humans and Pets, As I noticed there is a WIDE selection of foods I can make yet it seemed like Humans only ate 3 things and pets would sometimes only eat 2 things while others would eat a wide selection of foods yet whats the point of these foods? they all seem to heal 10 HP points they don’t provide anything outside healing.

  2. Instead of removing the Thrall/Pet hunger system entirely change it to a server setting that players can choice to turn on or off for a more realistic aspect to the game.

  3. THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDED: Add a server setting which allows the limiting of how many Thralls/pets which can be allowed for single players and then for clans so if a player is alone they can have 100 thralls or even 5 but allow a different setting for the thrall/pet use of clans but during this limiting for existing clans and single player homes when enabled allow the picking and sending away of thralls and pets, also allowing numbers of thralls and pets should be separate from one another. Too many Thralls and Pets since the death system has been removed causes FPS to drop insanely low causing huge lag and lagging out from servers.

  4. Also disable all forms of Thrall/pet Friendly fire damage or toggle via Server settings to provide realism and same thing for Clan friendly fire damage if that isn’t already there involving clans

I know that there are many other forums similar to mine but I believe that the more of them the better to provide good discussions and provide good suggestions and such I also wanted my suggestions actually be seen because I believe these to be easily implemented and easily most balanced ideas and honestly I believe I could see others agreeing to the outlined suggestions. I honestly believe before removal of a system why not try and fix and improve it with suggestions or make it a server setting and fix it over time and allow other hosts of servers and players to make the final call on if they want to add the hunger system to the game.

I hope that I have helped make the community better with these suggestions and I hope they are used so when I host my own server of 40 people would love to join and have a fun time. (Sorry if my grammar and wording placement is wrong, I’m not very good at speaking)


Some good ideas there. For the server settings especially.

I’m sure this is just a temporary measure and that when the feature is ready, we get the update. :smile:


Reason it came down was instability. While it was a good enough feature, it came with stability issues. I’m hopeful that it is back on the design table and merely being revised.


It was chopped because it caused performance issues on servers and most people disliked it. I doubt they’re going to spend more time on this feature.

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Implies of HR issues. :confused:

Ok, so there was a time when servers were full of abandoned thralls that never died and ate up a portion of server resources thus reducing game performance. And as solution we got the thrall hunger system, which now is beeing put on hold, not letting thralls die of hunger. Does this mean we’re back at the point of day 1?, what is going to happen now to all abandoned thralls that won’t die and stay there in servers?.

I haven’t broken any since I made a new game so I don’t know where we are exactly. Frankly I don’t sense a reason why I should at this point coz I’m still tweaking.

Maybe so but those were the reasons given by Funcom when they removed it, so you can go ask them for more details if you wish. It was wildly unpopular before implementation though, so I’m not terribly surprised to see it go if it also causes unnecessary server issues.

Thanks for the suggestion but right now we are not looking to overhaul the pet system (that is not to say that it will never happen, though).

I answered it works in another thread.
We are working on a proper guide/knowledge system where it will be easier to find answers to game mechanics or FAQ :slight_smile:

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Personally I don’t like mere number games (context sensitive) which is where buffs and debuffs currently are narrowed into, when it comes to the imagination level of the game industry these days. :confused:

Like many have said, it doesn’t necessarily help a sandbox survival game’s survival portion. To strip it from a survival feature and replace it with a mere buff system (power creep) isn’t exactly a choice I would have embrace. When it comes to survival, to avoid debuffs instead is right in the alley figuratively speaking. :slightly_smiling_face:

I explained in other threads what I would have done, so to keep this short:

Thrall Pot (efficiency system)
A ) involves a simple looking food gauge
B ) depletion levels bestow debuffs
C ) more thralls equal faster depletion
D ) debuffs; pauses, retaliation and escape

Same can be assimilated to the pet system as well. Also to make thralls practical to handle, a gear racket could be introduced. I heard that the individually managed external inventories (IMEI) the thralls got brought issues too so, if I understood the complications enough, a simple preparation hub might be able to carry this burden instead without the extent of complexity; drag and drop the gear to the racket (shared stash) and thralls would equip those based on their assignments.

My two cents.


Imo there are more depressing issues to handle first though. I would be pleased if thralls actually looked alive, behaviour wise. :joy:


Oddly I still use food. I feed all my thralls and pets. I like the buffs. Considdering I built my base in a rather unfriendly area with giant bugs.

How did it do such a a thing as to cause performance issues? I see more problems with just walking and having issues rendering my base let alone the combat lag and NPC characters not rendering yet I can auto lock on to them and fight back against the invisible menace. However I would be willing to pay for the feature on a payment plan based off how much time it would take to code. Really liked it but I see why most wouldn’t.

Okay that’s good to hear but the pet food 1h buff system they are constantly consuming everything long before 1h has passed is the 1h buff stacking? In duration aspects? If so my thralls/pets would he never ending buff, Haha. I never stopped feeding them and you can’t make me! Lol! But it would be nice to see some sort of duration or icon or something like that, and if they get the buff and have it to only consume one food resource and apply the buff every hour making this like feeding but not. Lol my small army shall be strong and fed.

To be honest I had a feeling that funcom was a small team but I believe if they did a GoFundMe that they could easily hire staff and make this work I for sure would donate! Heck I plan on buying all the dlcs this week as it stands. But for the fact they did so much with a modest team as it stands they have become one of my favorite companies to buy games from. I am beyond impressed with this and believe they could make some amazing games in the future with the right ideas. Know if there is a way to beat-test for these good fellows?

The renew by login is how it’s been working since they removed the starve mechanism but according to Tascha’s more recent post it’s meant to be by proximity refresh like decay.
I guess we shall see if that’s the case or not from now on. It certainly hasn’t been until now.
Yesterday I visited the thrall I abandoned on the rocks at one of the sentinels back in March … my base is near Narrowneck Span … so I would have thought he’s far enough away that my logging in would not refresh his timer … he was still standing there. I will revisit in a few weeks and see if he’s still there.

I like these ideas heck even more simple than mine.

Actually that makes sense when I can afford it I will actually do just that I did find this gem with PS+ I should do my part to support this so I shall.

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They said in the last stream that it caused frame rate drops because of having to track hunger on thralls server wide. I liked the system too, but it sounded like it was more trouble than it was worth.

It also wasn’t very developed, ie, Darfari didn’t prefer Human flesh and seafood wasn’t preferred by any thralls. Higher tier cooked food also wasn’t preferred by any Human thralls.


There are a number of reasons framerates drop are they sure it was the actual hunger system and not the server? What I am trying to say is if the provider to which they are renting or using a server is bad it could cause performance problems which based off my tiny knowledge could have been the issue. I am on a private server and I have noticed the server host whom he is renting from is the “Official” Server Rental company (Not sure if it’s actually true, just can’t find anyone else to rent one from) doesn’t seem all that great and it seems like a multitude of others want in on the game but Funcom may have signed a contract with the server provider you can rent servers from. Heck they are at least the second or third most expensive server provider. Hopefully I said all this right if I notice bad phrasing or spelling I’ll edit.

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I can’t really explain it as well as the Devs and the Community managers but I’m pretty sure they tracked it down to the feeding/hunger system. You can check it out in their stream on YouTube if you want. You can skip over the first five minutes because they don’t really talk about anything.

Thanks I’ll do just that and also to another thing you stated about the Darfari not wanting to eat human flesh that seems like a bigger issue here that nearly every race and species didn’t want to eat the correct thing based off lore and just common sense not saying that they didn’t know or do the job properly but it seems like because it’s a modest sized group smaller things like this go missed or unnoticed. Also what I find more odd is if all the proper food options based off lore and species was accessible the feeding aspect wouldn’t have been so hard on players but if the issue was frame rates, wouldn’t having 1000+ thrills on their official server and private servers cause a huge framerate problem far worse than anything the food system caused? I would have assumed splitting up the code if I recall the tiny bit of trying to do what these amazing people do, would reduce the stress on the framerate? As it would be broken up based off species and food resource management systems. But again I couldn’t do what they do I would lose my damn mind. But dear God wish I could.

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