Can we please get back the original thrall feeding mechanics

I don’t get how the new thrall feeding changes can be marketed as “intended behavior”. First of all, I need to say that I have liked the original mechanics when thralls need to be fed, it’s perfect for single player or for a private server. Why couldn’t you make feeding optional? Right now it’s dead-end broken in my opinion. On our server we had to change feeding distance to 0 to prevent thralls from taking ALL food out of the feeding pot. We have placed the pots across the base to feed them all evenly and at one point you broke the whole feeding system such way that:

  1. thalls started to take food from the pots every like 5 mins.
  2. thralls keep accumulating food in their inventory and don’t consume it.
  3. food gets rotten and thralls end up with 50x stacks of food they took and 50x rotten food in their inventory.
  4. food and water indicator are still there but showing wrong info (don’t tell me this is by design)

Give me any logical explanation for this, I don’t get your logic for introducing this change. You are claiming that Conan is a hardcore realistic survival game and then you remove feeding from thralls. Yey, kudos for dumbing down the mechanics and putting whole new class of bug in the game, mission accomplished. I don’t like the change, my friends I play with do not like the change and we can’t do anything about it because we can not prevent the game from auto-updating, we can’t roll back to the previous version, thank you very much.

I understand that there are people who probably want this feeding mechanics to be eliminated but that are also people who like it. Why do you ignore the later group of players? You have lots of options to tailor your gameplay experience for individual preferences, and yet you cut out this already well designed and well working mechanics and you can’t even do it properly - for the last X patches you are trying it remove and keep breaking the gameplay and introduce numerous bugs.


Funcom removed npc food system (thanks God) but leave the mechanics on uncomplete and causing big confusion.
You can still put food into Npc, but il will immediately removed. The mechanics to have buff by preferred food on is still active but you need to activate it by a trick, manually putting one piece using splitting stack procedure!
Npc will consume it at fight start. You have to repeat it each fight!
They should fix it…(I hope) next patch

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Hmm, interesting to hear what was wrong with the old feeding system, can you please elaborate? In my case food does not immediately disappear but rather rottens out in their inventory :(.

It really is quite simple, so it would seem.
Have the Admin panel to turn the feature on/off.

No need to take it away. :stuck_out_tongue:


As I replied in another post, I am guessing your server uses mods.
Several mods have always had problems allowing the feeding mechanism to work as intended. I think that the mod authors tried hard to make their mods compatible with it, but many could not.

There is no need to feed thralls or pets now unless you want them to get a 10% or 25% combat buff (from consuming non-preferred and preferred food respectively.)

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Moving this to the General Discussions section.

That’s all you have to say? Lol.

For now, yes. We’ve pointed out in numerous occasions that this is the intended behavior. The rest of elements present in the UI are going to get removed over time, and that our team is considering adding a warning once food is going to be deposited in a thrall inventory stating that all of it will be used.

I was very pleased when that change happened, having the option to not need feeding thralls to keep them alive is very casual friendly, since you still can feed them for the buff, its a win/win, pleases both crowds.


I am in the same boat for the most part. I like that you feed your thrall and pets to keep them alive and they got a buff you feed them correctly. I would like it if they would have expanded it to certain races of thralls like different foods better also to get buff.

Bottom it slowed thrall spam and cleaned the server quicker of player who quit server and left armies of thralls who are still floating in the air long after the buildings have decayed out from under them . Very immersion breaking seeing tons of thralls and pets floating in the air after a large base has long since vanished.

This is what I alluded to in a previous thread. It is what I consider poor judgement when it comes to game management. The somewhat bugged system where the thrall pots and feed boxes needed to be filled and some sort of support for your troops was necessary, was far better than this new dumbed down, dumb system. Why, oh why do the developers go off on these back roads with such foolish changes, please do a little introspection? Please put it back to the way it was, just get it to work correctly. As I have said before, the way it was pre-patch was way more preferable to the way it is now. Very unhappy with this UI and mechanic change.

It didn’t cause any server overload on our server, as someone stated above, if it is a problem for someone’s game style or server, allow a on/off button. Very simple to do, instead of reworking the whole BS of a system.

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I am always for options, options make a lot more people happy. I can’t see a reason why official servers cannot operate with certain settings and allow private games to play around with feeding parameters. I play official and am ok with not having to feed things as long as the log doesn’t annoyingly lie about starvation. Broken stuff is never good to implement and having to feed your follower before every fight (one piece at a time) seems baby bird broken

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Vathis probably never got fed.

Don’t believe I ever did, he was like a 2017 model car - stole it used but very new to me. I recall giving someone some haunch about that time but could have been a captain tbh.

Ever since the change I’ve put out an army of thralls around my base. My thralls kill the white elephant on a regular basis and I don’t even bother looting the key now lol.

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I have to agree with @uladz. I personally enjoyed the whole feeding thing as it added to the role play. I’m sure FC in there infinite wisdom must have had a good reason to remove it; would they care to share it? I think it was to make way for that new swimming animation we all so needed!

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Same here. While I have no intention of playing ‘Cafeteria Simulator’, making sure that your troops have provisions is not a bad thing. The Thrall Pot and Feed Box, in my opinion, were good ideas and also prevented ‘thrall sprawl’. With this new system, you can’t have thralls carry foodstuffs, you can’t know if they are ‘buffed’ unless they are actually in combat, it is only necessary to feed a thrall or pet if you plan on them fighting and a few other things. I have said it before, this recent change is counter-productive and makes the thrall pot and feed box unnecessary and a total waste of time when it came to the amount of work that was put into those mechanics in the past, as well as all the work and time players have put into the sustaining of their troops and pets.

This change smacks of promoting player laziness and an over indulgence in thralls and pets. Anyone who had a problem with abandoned thralls and pets and thrall spam, will now see the worst of that behavior.

Can anyone tell I am not in favor of the new feeding mechanic? lol.


I would also like to see Bearer thralls NOT consume every food item you load in.

I have a bunch of traps I use to catch fish and then transport to my base to make oil.

I used to just load up my bearer thrall (I optimized the number of traps to not overload her), and then head up to the presses.
Now I have to run back and forth due to weight limits.
I know I can change things in the admin panel, but I want to retain the game as orginal as possible…

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I think it made a lot of sense the way it was where you had to take care of the things you acquired, seemed pretty realistic. I just accepted the promotion of laziness but I’m certain your are correct. incoming sarcarsm These actions will absolutely not affect the number or tames and thralls in the world now by using the Ronco “set it and forget it” approach.


The Hungersystem for Thralls was at least buggy and boring. What’s so exciting to give Thralls food in their inventory? In the end, that’s nothing but stupid distribution of raw materials.
There could be so many other functions, which would make the Thrall System in this game exciting and interesting. What’s about a Training Function for Thralls, what’s about commands for Thralls, what’s about behavior for Thralls, Thralls with special functions. Such a system would give the game a big boost because it will help to motivate the player to keep busy with his Thralls. At least Funcom can also build DLCs on such a system not only on the building system like now.