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So I thought they said after the last update they were removing the hunger for pets and thralls so players can focus on actually playing. That pets/thralls would die off if not logged in for 2 weeks. I play on an official server and was looking at settings and see the hunger options are turned on. Did my brain make that up or am I misunderstanding this?

Ok so it’s in the update notes I see so does the server setting not matter?

Hey there,

Although the hunger system is disabled, some old remains of it are still present in the UI. Pets and thralls should not take any damage when their hunger meter and those settings you mention should have no effect in-game.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Thank you for the response. Just noticed also it shows up in the log when they begin to get hungry and are starving. With the hunger system disabled you may want to look into removing that from showing up.

Also curious, the hunger system was just disabled, not removed correct? So if i wanted to enable it in the settings on my single player or if i ran my own server the option is still there.

It is completely disabled from the code, so it shouldn’t be able to be re-enabled in any way that doesn’t require a rewrite of the code.
We’re going to remove references to it from the interface in upcoming patches, and adding into the UI any missing new settings from the new system.

Ah, ok. Thank you.

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