Bring back Thrall feeding system

Bring back the thrall feeding system and then subsequently up the thrall limits on all officials server’s I find 80 thralls a small number for 2 people in a clan and the obvious strengths of a purge are above the task usually if your hit with poisoning.

When I played solo I had to struggle because I had to level every thrall because base guarding didn’t equate to any exp and obviously leveling thralls is better and so are greater thralls but I genuinely believe that the max limit should be 100 for solo clan, when more than 1 player in a clan is present it goes up by 25+ I want to say 50 but to be honest that can truly become boring not only that. NOT EVERY thrall I have is going to be a defensive thing so I can’t just thrall a bunch of dancers for a bar theme and have it take up. Because I always set my guards outside not inside.

If needed make a feeding system and tie it to a specific type of thralls not tied to the base limit of thralls.

If you implement the feeding system and adjusting the thrall limits also be sure to only have gruel count as healing, not a food source food and healing for thralls should be technically different and allow for more fun and creativity not restricted to a limit because of its prior removal.

My bad speech is thing still so I may come back and edit stuff I noticed.

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It wont come back unless they figure out how to fix the calculations. It was removed because it caused severe lag issues trying to figure every thralls refill.


My understanding was everyone just whined because feeding them was ‘too difficult’ and couldn’t be bothered yet it’s removal caused far more lag when millions of thralls no longer died to horrendously long afk players and millions of placed thralls all over. A claiming system would also work to claim others thralls whom have had been gone long enough to have their buildings time completely pass so if you can decay their building should be allowed to claim their thrall and or outright kill it by breaking bonds.

You have to prepare for a purge while you pve. With the right prep 20+ thralls can easily handle any purge.

Use archers on your roof with high gradearrows, even poison ones.
Have a few fighters upnthere as well to make sure you protect roof spawwns.

Have 4 or 5 decentbfighters around each side.


If you are wanting to knock them out, swap to blunted arrows and truncheons. Then drag any youn dontbwant away and gas the pile. For mixed it can be complicated. you may have to stay in damage mode, and then you and follower kite off any you want and knc9k out yourself.

Use healing arrows all over.

Thrall pot still works to load them fornhealing, so have it full of haunch or pork.

It is hard, but that is what the purge is supposed to be, a challenge to keep you on your toes.

Jusy interested, how many hours do youbhave. I have 5000+ hours, so it may be easier for me. But over time you can learn.

Enough to be around 1000+ but do they consume the poison arrows or resuse one specifically being farming the stuff is a bit different on this official as resources are being blocked.

they consume. Yeah, the mushrooms are hard to find outside of certain areas.

Which map?

There are more than a few locations on each map where puffball shrooms can be harvested to the tune of about 750 - 1,000 (using starmetal tools) with a respawn every 45min to an hour.

Non-clan players can have 50 combat thralls. A one-person clan can have 65 combat thralls and it’s +15 for each additional clan member. I don’t know what the upper limit or “cap” is if any.

@biggcane55 outlines some pretty standard and sound techniques but unless he’s talking about only top named and leveled thralls, I’m not sure 20 is going to cut it. He actually said “20+” meaning >20 and yes, 100 is greater than 20 so if that’s the implication, then I agree 100%. :wink:

If you don’t want your base to fall down or have half your thralls killed then you need more than 20 - especially if they are all T3s at level 0-10 or something like that.

So very very much depends on the shape of your base tho. Some bases, sure, 20 would be fine. Others may need 100 or so. It just depends. Here is me on one server - I have about 60 to 70 T3 thralls on a base configuration that could be defended by half that many - especially if they were all named thralls. When the medium level purge was finished there were about 30 or 40 blocks that needed a single tap with the Steel Repair Hammer and 6 or 8 that needed two taps. All these T3 thralls are set to chase 15m, attack 50m, ranged priority, and given (32dmg 25pen) bows with starmetal arrows and a (81dmg 35pen) long sword with either bleed, sunder, or poison. The guys on the ledges are set to “stand and defend”. And all are T3 combat thralls except for 4 named dudes indoors protecting the benches and chests. Only about 15 guys are level 10, 3 guys at level 20, and the rest are level 0.

It went fairly well but I guess you can imagine that there would have been a lot more damage if there were only 20 of these guys and/or if this were a stronger higher level, purge.

Also I should mention that I love how the thrall-pot currently behaves! No need to feed your thralls until the day of the purge - when it’s one pixel away from triggering. Then it’s about 600 ~ 800 gruel in each (I have two in this instance) pot and all is well.

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Counterpoint: don’t bring back the thrall feeding system. It was a massive pain in the arse, and I found wasting time hunting for the “right foods” for my thralls the absolute least fun I have ever had in this game.


The number of thralls should be reduced, not increased.

With that said, the reason people use so many thralls is because of purges. Purges have this dumb mechanic where you can have something like a dog, pig, or dude with a rusty sword that can beat down a hardened brick wall with a few swings.

That needs to be redesigned. Purges should be a threat to buildings, its their whole point after all. But the player needs more agency in this. Right now you have dozens of NPCs that beeline to destroy your crap and the only defense is to use dozens of meat shields to prevent damage.

A player with only a few thralls has little chance to prevent a ton of damage. What needs to happen is that most of the NPCs attacking need to have their ability to damage walls significantly diminished or removed. Instead there is a few in each wave that can easily be identified at a distance who are what you could call siegers. NPCs carrying orbs, larger animals with glowing eyes, undead beings with glowy bits throwing magic, that sort of thing.

Most of the purge will be targeting players in the area and thralls and pets. While the siegers go after buildings and valuables. Now you have a dynamic system where the player can use their experience and expertise to identify the bigger threats to their structures and focus on them. Of course they’ll have to deal with the other minions and soldiers that are with them while doing so. But at least they have an ability to focus down the bigger threats, even if it isn’t easier.

Then the need for hundreds of followers is no longer needed. The need for leveling followers day after day isn’t needed either. Players will be able to focus on a few choice thralls instead of hordes of mediocrity.


Well, some of us use large numbers of thralls for decoration. This is, of course, not on official servers, so we can do whatever with thrall limits etc.

I am against of any form of nerf. The game provides the mechanics that some pve players just don’t use them because like you said they use the meat walls and then they “cry” for the gear they lost…
Nothing is stopping you to use palisades.
Nothing is stopping you to use gas orbs or acid arrows.
Nothing is stopping you use gas traps or explosive traps.
Nothing is stopping you using explosive jars and explosive arrows.
All these on pve, yes, why not?
Instead of farming endless hours stones with your pick for more and more buildings, give a few hours for your defense lines too.
One of the most important advices @Zeb was giving to new players on 3728 was, fix vaults to place your precious things inside on a purge time :man_shrugging:.


Most of what you said outside of gas does very little damage for the cost. A few hits with an iron weapon does more damage to a NPC than an explosive does.

And vaults don’t store buildings. Which arguably in a PVE sense, is the most valuable possession a player has. More so then the 10th Axe of the Lion, 13th Akbitanan Knives, or whatever.

Building smart is one thing. Building in a way so you have to do little input is something else. The idea here is you’re more engaged with the purge itself. It comes down to playing the main character in one’s own story, or the random dude hiding behind a wall?

You get just the half point of it because probably you never done it. Explosive arrows are not useful to kill npcs but to ignite jars that you strategically placed to almost kill a great wave of purge Incomers, when you live in a neighborhood, you know the purge wave paths so you prepare traps. I don’t do it because I need it, I do it for fun, all I need is a lvl 20 berserker next to me and they all go down really fast and easy. Yet in a Cimmerian Berserker purge you have to use other tactics too, you and your thrall might not be enough.
Vaults are necessary for your crafters or some other things you think they are valuable to you, for me for example Razmas journals are very important :man_shrugging:. Maybe some stacks of materials or some followers that you want to level up another day. I don’t care for legendaries except some, you know what legendaries or rare armor pieces are important I don’t need to tell you, it’s pointless.
The most important is the fear that all the online games has. A power failure in your house, a loss of your internet connection may pull you out of your most important time of connectivity, still, with or without you the online purge is going on. So better be prepared for worst than playing like a fool thinking hey I have it. I am saying this from a personal experience. I was playing with @sestus2009 on 3504 and all I left was a horse floating in the mid air, everything was gone, every single thrall every single build, every single material, the definition of total wipe :rofl::rofl::rofl:, yet it was awesome, I underestimate the purge and I lost everything, simple as that, cheers m8 :+1:t6:.

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The thrall pots are too slow and ration too little. It was probably left behind in deprecated code.

Thrall pots are still in the game, as are pet feeding troughs.
The real problem with them is economy, they burn through food much faster than just putting food in individual inventory’s, it’s why I don’t bother with them.

In my opinion they should use food at the same rate as if in individual inventory’s and act as a preservation box to reduce waste due to spoilage. This would make them useful again.


Agreed on number being varied. Mainly toed to experience.

Forstbthings forst is anyone wanting to not have any damage to building from purge is not understanding the game loop. Purges WILL DO damage, and thatbis good. Experience determines how much. Probably the only real survival mechanic in pve.

Now an example, me and a clan mate had an accursed purg on Siptah. Nothing but foghters and archers. They destroyed maybe 30 foundatiins of T1 walls and foundations in 6 waves. We only had our 2 level 15+ named fighters having our back. And my mate was enc build. Died once. It was the most fun 30 minutes of fighting we have had in a while. But we have a combined 10000+ hours. In the end we lost the T1 building parts, but gained 10 named accursed fighters/archers. I say a win for us. So experience is a key to survivingbthe purge, which it should be.

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At the rate the thralls are eating from the base feeder I don’t even know if the thralls should have it now as they are just wildly taking everything with out any damage to their health at all my god.

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Keep a preservation box near the pot, fill pot only during during a purge, after the purge, everything goes back in the preservation box.

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