Please add a Alliance System

I want to have 50-55 thralls, but not have to be in a maximum alliance with my family and girlfriend that way I cam actually have thralls to place if the clan system already was at the maximum number of thralls with out having 10 members this wouldn’t be a issue and if we talking about solo players this is unfair in PvP and PvC.

I shouldn’t have to state 100-200 thralls to 50-55 is a huge problem when being a solo player in PvP. I use to be that segment.

You know. If you want to have an unlimited number of thralls, just host your own server and set it to your liking. Problem solved.

Yeah, that’s one solution…

And although I’m not sure SabunoHakia and I are talking about the same thing, I do indeed really really want an alliance or “friend” system. So that clans or solos can make alliances and share various resources - including thralls and mounts, and so on.

It would be awesome to have a settings tab that allowed different levels of access for friends or allied clans - and for clan member ranks too.

  • Can open containers.
  • Can remove contents from containers.
  • Can add content to containers.
  • Can use crafting stations.
  • Can control Thralls or Mounts.
  • Can open doors.
  • Can build on my land claim.
  • Can demolish or dismantle structures.
    etc. etc.
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I would but I am not able to financially, but I just believe that for PvP-PvC that the maximum amount of thralls regardless of tribe should be automatic, Obviously this is different for PvE but it’s more annoying to see the imbalance in PvP related areas, however I am gonna make another suggestion later on about this.

All of these fall under what I attempt to achieve along with my aspects that aren’t covered here.

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it’s been 3 years that I see the same request … everything comes to he who waits? Nope?
I will place a candle … or may be asked a sacrifice to my Darfari neighbors :rofl:

but :thinking: I’m starting to wonder if Asura wouldn’t be right in the end… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :sweat_smile: :rofl:


Yup, this is an oldie but goodie! Although I haven’t been into CE for three years just yet the request has been a popular one for and long time and in fact it was the first thing I thought to ask for and about, some 20 or so months ago.

IMO the game desperately needs this. I wish if they were going to do it they would hurry up and if not, tell us so. :wink: Oh well, wish in one hand…

it is often said in certain countries that the customer is king. but the kings depend on the gods and their goodwill, I will pray for you :angel: :rofl:


I will always complain and beg and plead for something I have already asked for. Lol it actually has worked one time, I got a diamond rubber ducky booster from the Company Canivore they are so good with customer service like funcom.

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I agree that the thrall cap should not be neither higher or lower depending on members in a clan. But I dont agree they should add an alliance system. You can always ally with other people on a server, and u been able to do that since day 1 of conan. Only problem with that is in “PVP” thralls will attack your allies too, and also their thralls. But I mean, rather have PVP than TVT

No you can’t… How?

And if you just decide to through game chat it’s inconvenient as hell. You can’t see them on the map, you can’t fight near them or you hit each other. You can’t tell them from enemies without memorizing their armor - same for their thralls. etc.

Ofc you can, just because u cant see allies on map and so on does not mean that you can ally with them? People been zerging for ages 2-3 clans vs 1 clan so they dont do that then?

Just because people lack of game awarness, doesnt mean you cant fight side by side with another clan

But the request is for game features that support that playstyle. Currently there are none - zero - zip - nada! Even the in-game audio chat is engineered primarily for individual solo play. People are saying that what you’re outlining as possible, isn’t good enough - and most people including myself, agree!

Thus, this thread - and scores of others just like it!

Yes, I understand that he want’s it as a feature? But question is, how necessary is that feature when it’s been working good all the time since now. Only difference in today’s conan is that if someone has +1 or more players than you, you wont most likely be able to fight them without losing anyway.

And if they add a feature that let clans ally, it wont be good for future people who want to start on a server where 70% of the player base is in a alliance. It’s already hard the way you can do alliances right now.

How necessary is Conan at all… or any game for that? How necessary is the incremental progress and improvement of any software?

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