The possibility to have alliance between clans

Hey there !
I just think it would be great if you can somehow have a alliance/friend system where you can add some other clans/players from the server so you can run around with them without thrall attacking them. Or a quick way, to desarm thralls and make them still when allies are coming to you.


Agreed, if we could invite those from other clans to have recruit or member access in multiple clans that would be awesome!

Many times I’ve wanted to leave gear for other players on my PvE server who are in other clans, but since containers can only be opened by clan members, I instead have to wait for them to be online and then just drop stuff on the ground.

This would also be nice so that we could use the Clan chat channel together instead of always having to use Global or Local chat.

Me and many others have suggested this, I also stated they should have a “clan accessible” option on doors.

They said they are aware of people suggesting an actual alliance option. But they don’t have any plans to implement it into the game at this time.

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The clan size limit is there for a reason. I’d agree that having some gradations within (or instead of) that system being nice though.

That’s why they can make it specific to doors. So certain areas you can allow allies to go to in your base, maybe like a conjoined crafting room. But you can also keep them out of many other areas if you so wish.

my concern was mainly about the issue with thralls and pets. It’s kinda a pain to desarmed thralls when someone “friendly” come at your base. And the pets and thralls attacking others pjs when anyone is taking damages, even by mobs makes it difficult to just run around the map with someone not in your clan.

But having the ability to open containers and doors would be great too. =)

Ah, PvE player here so needing to disarm thralls so they don’t murder your friends never even crossed my mind. (In PvE thralls pets just go bonkers and run around like nervous maids when a non-clan-member is on site.)

Compared to that, my concern seems kind of inconsequential! ^_^;

No it will only be abused to go around the max 10 member clan limit.

maybe as long as total nr of clan membbers is max 10

If someone can manage to scrape up 20 people, then good for them. They will rule a server regardless. If they added cross server raiding and trading. Then it wouldn’t matter. Alphas from other servers can smack them left and right.

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