Ally Other Clans

I think we should make clan alliances because 1. thralls don’t attack ally players 2. allies can access buildings 3. can do quest with ally and not have to worry about pets attacking


10 man clans are hard enough to deal with. Allies will only turn the mob mentality up a notch. Really just need to make better clan levels and rights. So more people can clan up without fear of losing everything if they disband later.

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No thanks alliances have one purpose right now not to destroy each other letting them access to see your stockpile gives them the excuse to attack you and jack your stuff. Even with that said there are still no guarantees. I’ll just walk in here plant 10 bombs in the middle of your compound because one clan member made them mad NO THANKS.

I just made a post very similar to this. Sorry. Didn’t see yours or I would have just commented here

I remember the mod community discovering that CE had the alliance options in the devkit it just wasnt implemented. It was a huge discussion at the time on steam. Don’t mind the naysayers on this idea its great for RP servers and PVE or PVE-C and if implemented should be a server setting.

rant: people should stop shouting nerf, and suggested server setting instead. Sucks that the whole community suffers when someone on pvp inst happy


On officials yeah it would. Gets quite fun on private servers when the map gets factioned off and the server is moderated. The best RP PVP of my Conan life has happened on faction based servers :slight_smile:


i actually support this idea, despite all the negativity from all these other folks for no reason.

Easy, the clans have a limit to the amount of alliances it is able to make so it doesnt get too big.
alliances would be a great idea because a lot of people have common enemies or they just wanna play together but dont wanna leave their clans. So , the best option is an alliance to destroy a mutual enemy or to play together without the worry of your damn wolf or tiger attacking your friend for honking your damn horn.

Another thing would be to Color code maps depending on Alliances like so and so alliance control this part of the map or something of that sort and you know there would be the ability to take control over the claim of another alliance’s turf if you guys understand.

I posted this before I noticed this thread. Here’s my take on how clan alliances, or something similar, could work without adversely changing things for everyone.

Would be nice to be able to craft, perhaps at an Artisan table, a token that grants diplomatic immunity to guests who are not members of your clan. Something that, while in someone’s inventory, will keep your guards from attacking them. Perhaps even different tiers of token, that grant further access to chests and bench inventories, etc. Virtual clan membership. Then just make the tokens expire while not in your land (both so they can’t be stolen from a friend’s base overnight and used to access yours, and so it doesn’t run out while your friend is still visiting you)

Pair this with the option to set chests and doors at different access levels. Basic, and Secure.

Tier 1: Guard Immunity and Basic Door and Chest Access
Tier 2: Bench Inventory Access
Tier 3: Guard Repositioning + Secure Chest/Door Access

It isn’t unwarranted, and it isn’t negative. It is constructed critisism.
Everyone commenting has been here long, and is explaining their opinion on the subject matter. No need to throw them under the bus :slightly_smiling_face:

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What if any player part of the alliances attacks another player or player owned thrall/pet that’s not part of the group it automatically disables the alliance? That way they couldn’t gang up on the rest of the server without it turning into chaos. Just a thought.
Maybe have it automatically disable when you log off or get so far apart as well?

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