Funcom might you consider an Alliance system?

where clans/guilds can build a pact together

like alliance members could be given privileges by other guilds, they could fight together more effectively, build on their land if given permission
alot of potential that would be
to build something big
Thralls could definitely not be violent towards alliance members
it would improve a whole lot on the whole settlement thing with more effectively establishing your allies and those people you can find yourself trading with and working together on sieges, maybe build an empire of cities or a tribal union of villages. Seems this was already a topic but I am bringing it back, what do you guys think?


umm no… will just end up with bigger Zerg clans through alliances which would not be good for the game.


perhaps, it would probably be a good idea to allow white listing for players to be allowed to open things like doors, not get attacked by your thralls, etc

either that or alliance system.


Or, leave it the way it is, because it’s Conan, and the rules already allow for more than enough cooperation for such a harsh world where the player characters are all criminals.

TBH, I hope the developers won’t just add features the players ask for, but try to preserve the style of the gameplay instead.

I think when it comes to features, less is often more.

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I don’t actually see a point to this. If you need bigger clans, up the clan limit.

The last PVP server I played on had to limit through certain incentives, multi-clan alliances. The clan limit was set to 12, but it wasn’t uncommon to see 20+ people involved with each other in massive raids against others.

While it led to some epic fights, it killed the server population in chunks.

And this was with offline raiding being prohibited.

Clan limit is 10 for a reason. If you want to play together clan up.

This game desperately needs an alliance system.

Adding alliances just seems like a way to create a big blue donut where every group is allied and no conflict occurs. I don’t think it is needed on official servers.

For private servers, just up rhe clan limit size.

All they should to do is clan size = 30 again.

An option to configure who thralls attack would be nice though. I have some small rooms where I put thralls when having visitors. And guards in admin built settlements used to attack customers so we had to remove them.

My suggestion for this is to allow for clan ‘friends’ or ‘allies’.

  • Friends - the clan members will not be attacked by thralls, but gain NO access to doors or storage items. Simply a non-aggression pact. If a clan member attacks a player, thrall or object of a friendly clan then the friendship automatically ends and a notice is sent to all. Of course this could be problematic if they are trying to help each other fight a mob.

  • Ally - Active allies means they can open doors and storage as well. Attacks do not end it, because they will probably hit each other all the time fighting as allies.

Why have such a system? Because in the stories uneasy alliances were often made, to suit some specific need. These often ended in treachery of course! In order for clans to be able to negotiate and make deals, or for two weak clans to be able to gang up on a bully clan, such a system would be useful.


I would honestly like to see an ally system. I’m not that worried about giant clans merging, alliances can always break and multiplayer games are filled with drama.
Until recently I was solo on a 10x server for 3 weeks (owner shut down the server). I wanted to remain solo to see if i could withstand the overall force clans end up with on a 10x server, while remaining solo.
This worked well for me, but there were multiple moments when an ally system would have been nice. Especially in relation to thralls. It would have been nice if thralls didn’t attack me when trading in another clans base, or when providing support for one side in a war. It would also be nice if allies didnt damage each other, same way clan members do, at least until the combat system is a bit more polished. Color coding your armor only takes you so far.

I will discuss this kind of changes after funcom fix all major bugs and servers. For me now this discussion is pointless

On official? What’s the point? Player limit is 40, and only 12/424 have over 30 online.

On private you can set the limit to 200 if you wanted.

Alliance systems on PvE are awesome.

There are a lot of builders who enjoy building public facilities and roads. Some have always wanted to create a public market near obelisks, as meeting places and social hubs. ( it’s what’s causing no man’s sky to flourish right now, public hubs near portals)

People claim that the Conan universe is harsh and that there is no place for alliances. But just as you can’t have the good without the bad, you can’t have the bad without the good. Humans are unapologetically enthusiastic builders even in the harshest of times, like the Egyptians or the Sumerians.

We have clan size 30 on official (yes, 40 slot) at all times during EA. No problem at all.

Early Access was a bit more tolerant of PVP. Post Launch not so much.

Hell I’ve caused clans (plural, not even a typo) to leave because they thought my base was impregnable (wasn’t even close to being so).

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