Simple Ally System

Hello people,

Great game. Been addicted since first play.

I’m on about my 6th server and 2nd level 60 and…

Just about anyone I’ve ever met in game all say the same; an Ally System would be really great.

Even if it was just simple. I know I’ve seen a lot of people describing complex systems with door setting and chest setting etc but I think just a simple one for the time being the allows us to add clans or players to a list in the clan menu that let’s our pets and thrall NOT attack.

Would be great to hear people opinions and get to feebacknowledge from rest of community about who would like to see this too.

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trudat, the system doesn’t need to be complicated.

A whittelist for supress aggressivity of npc doesn’t sound like overly complicated (profane speaking)

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Why not just add a passive option to Thralls? You could set them to only be aggressive in response to aggression.

For example, you could set the thralls in your vault room to attack on sight, but the thralls near your map room might only attack if another player attacked them or the base in some way.

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An alliance/Ally system always seems like a great idea until a horde of 20 to 30 people join your server to wipe everything.(or being a small tribe against 30 or so people) There should be better command options for thralls though. I miss ark and the good ole “whistle passive” feature. On the flipside there should also be a command to be proactively aggressive too.

Yeah. I think you’re right. Just some thall settings would be good.

Why wouldn’t they do it now joining 30 or so players?

I feel like the Devs intended players to operate in clans 10 players or less. It’s already bad enough when slots are at 40 or so players and 30 of them are working together. I’d be open to an alliance system if cross server raiding was a thing though. In fact that would revitalize the game I feel but that’s a whole other topic.

But that won’t stop them from working toghether.

I’ve been in servers where there seemed to be 3 Alpha tribes wich then seemed to be 1 huge clan griefing newer players

No it won’t but the lack of an alliance system is I feel a passive aggressive way of saying nope to the idea in general. Unofficial alliances have been a part of the game since launch though, with lots of large former ark tribes splitting up into different clans and working together to take/wipe servers.

i think if such an ally system was alvalable from solo up to 3 man clan only that would be great deal

yep…without the ally system at least they have manage their rival thralls whacking each other and accidental hits when trying to 2 v 1 you, as well as make it really cumbersome to help them defend their base if you aren’t in the clan.

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But it also makes it harder for more little Clans, and the bigger clans already have player numbers, so they don’t need Thralls to help them out.

Little clans eventually have to make a hard choice then, to clan up together. Some big clans started the same way. You would be surprised how many former enemies are now clan mates as well.

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