Clan Alliance System

Dear Sirs,
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I want to bring up the Topic of Clans and Alliance System.
We need to have up to Maximum 1 or Maybe 2 Alliance.

Let me give an Example Below :

Clan 1 is in alliance with Clan 2 and Clan 3
On the Same time
Clan 2 is with alliance with Clan 1 and Clan 3
On the same time
Clan 3 is with alliance with Clan 1 and Clan 2

That means the 1st clan will make an alliance with another clan and if they request for a second then the spot it will be used for both clans and 3 spots for the 3rd.

The Clan Alliance System is Very Good and its something really Helpful for the PVP environment of the servers!

Alliance Benefits
Thralls wont attack Alliance Members
DMG between Alliance Members will be the same as Clan Members

It can be simple as the above !


Hello everyone,

I can only agree with this idea since usualy it’s really hard in big clan fights to make your thrall NOT attack your ally since they are still technicaly your enemy and there is no way, yet, to make it different.

Another point is how would building work, but I would let it be the same, since it would bring more complications to manipulate this hard with core game mechanics.

Hope to see improvements in this section in the future.

Thank you and have a nice day.


That’s an amazing idea!

So 10 members per clan, allied with 2 clan (10 members each) Max amount of player in a server 40. So again 30 members are allied on a 40 max players server. 30 vs 10. Sounds fair enought

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No. It’s already hard enough for small clans and solos to compete with alpha alliances, this will just make it easier for the alpha alliances. Basically 30 person clans. No thanks

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