Alliance between guilds

Please, make alliances between clans avaiable.

Another idea, pretty much related; we can get a buff if we have a clan member playing alongside, something like 1%+ stats per clan member playing with us in the same zone (one does not regularly go around with the 9 other members of the clan, but it could have a good impact during pvp raids as well as doing dungeons with guildies). And another one if we are playing with someone from the alliance maybe. I would like to hear so pros and cons :smiley:

CONS: server population is too small on pvp, no one will fight no one anymore. There’s enough care-bears already.

If server population move from 40 to 100 might be an interesting idea. I play enough minecraft with my son to not want an adult version of minecraft to begin with, and i play enough rust to know how alliances will be used to betray people and glitch stuff.

Horrible idea. Make the alpha clan bullies who think they own a server even more powerful.

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Well, maybe in your server, in the one that I play we are 30+ every day on raid hours, we have 7 allied clans and we are fighting against 2 alphas with duped items, fulled stats and undermeshing, and we are getting new allies everyday. Yesterday we were 17 ppl raiding one base, and 7 guys defending (we lose, even on 6v1 they win). But if you ask me, looked like a lot of ppl pvp’ing.

How? It’s for the opposite side, I want the rest to team up against alphas.

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