Thralls control and behaviour

Before I get right into this, I want to mention one thing that I noticed, that is the lack of response or consideration from the Developers…which is incredibly selfish and unfari to fans and supporters who have and still are paying for a game that has MANY issues still.

There are threads regarding the issue of dismissing thralls, moving and what not. My post primarily concerns dismissing thralls especially low level ones. With that the feeding pot has become useless and can be removed for all intents and purposes, the food buff doesn’t show on the thralls and they simply take all the food in one go and its gone.

For some reason being able to pick up thralls was removed, I guess this was due to some pvp exploit or something, however now we can’t move our thralls to our other bases or locations. Nor can we dismiss our thralls if we do not want them any more like like normal pets being replaced by greater ones. Why not simply put the option in the radial menu to release the thrall from servitude?

Why not allow thralls behaviour based on environment, where they are placed, maybe a guard sits, stands and leans on his spear sleeping, maybe interact with other, create patrol routes. What about having thralls possibly acknowledge you, bow maybe some of them etc. All in the effort of immersion and creating a more detailed world.

Coming back to being able to move thralls, guard thralls, if placing them near player structures is the problem then tether them to the owned player structures? Have the player unable to place them during combat or within set distance of other player or their structures, or even better a combination of all these to make it harder for exploit in pvp.

Another issue with thralls is their aggro, using pets primarily I have seen this, it is especially broken when in a fight and a would be thrall gets knocked out, the pet keeps attacking and killing the thrall which DEFEATS the entire point to trying to capture it.

Thralls need more to them than this simplistic way about them, animations need work when comes to benches, why not have a little bit more movement on their part, stoking the fire, standing up, stretching sitting down again. This is only when it comes to thralls, but I will post more on other topics which I really hope others will support and developers will entertain and implement at least basics which should be in the game like dismissing thralls.

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