Guard patrol for thralls

Hello! I would like to suggest something very simple for the thralls: Actually, somebody ask for this in April, but I would like to say it again:

A system that a thrall (fighter and archer) could patrol between 2 points to protect. Could be an extra action with a limited distance…

I would like to ask for emotes too, to improve the ambience of our buildings. The environment NPC already do this… they sit near the campfire or cross their arms to see the horizon…

Please, think about it!

Thank you!


Yes please! To both suggestions!


Honestly I think it wouldn’t be easy considering you can’t place thralls to close together so you wouldn’t have much space to place thrall

lol, man, you don’t need to spam the areas with thralls or pets. If you have a little notion about enviroment creation, you can imagine a place like a real life. Strategic points to add your slave to protect, etc.

On PVP they die anyway, players don’t care with that because they will shoot lot of rocks and put infinite bombs to raid your building.

Yes please, this would be nice :slight_smile:

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More than nice. Useful!

if you’re on singleplayer I’ve just found a way to get thralls that walk about and can keep weapons equipped while walking. Unfortunately theres a few drawbacks and it requires the admin panel.

If you spawn in a lion cub (or any cub) as a converted thrall it will appear as a human thrall but will just keep walking around like Cubs do. You can equip weapons and armour and they wont put them away. (I put the rope in their offhand to prevent them walking around with their fists out if I dont want them armed)
Unfortunately it will be the same npc every time its spawned so I use helmets to disguise them.

Just found this earlier today on ps4, it’s okay if your trying to populate a city you’ve built

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Actually, with the thrall commands etc in the works, looking at the modding tools, I noticed there was a “patrolling” stance so my guess is they are already working on it.


I hope so!

Yeah i realize it might just be a placeholder that has been there for ages (just started modding after all) but given the info personally it would amaze me they wouldn’t add it at this point.

i like it