Thrall passive / defensive State

Please implement a way to set Thralls passive and defensive.

Passive ones could be used as nice decorations (for example those dancers that like to kill visitors), and defensive ones would be wonderful for having visitors too.
They are peaceful - all is good.
They attack you - your guards attack them and defend you, without you having to lock them away for a visit and run to their posts when attacked.


Agree completely, great suggestion!

I agree. On PVP just invite them over during non raid times helps a bit. :paw_prints:

I agree as well. One step further, since we now have menues for followers, can we have a assigned state (aggressive/guarding/passive) as well as an assigned emote that they will preform every minute or so.

Both of these can be as simple as a drop down list on the stat screen.

While we are at it, can we have an option to program a simple patrol route? Even two points that they go back and forth between.

Finally, if I place a thrall on a chair can we have it sit?

Asking too much?

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Might be too much, but since they seem to be working on Follower AI (According to today Patch Notes) anyway, why not ask big things.

Emotes - great thing
Patrol Route - oh really nice extra.
Put them on a chair etc. - probably too much, since them standing up again and sitting down is probably too much to handle but would be great anyway.

I’d love to have a go at their AI.

Other possible things I could think of would be:

  • Followers opening doors for you
  • Followers opening doors for specific people / clans (You can give them a list)
  • Followers that you can program a dialogue for - oh wait, Pippi does that already.
  • Followers that can light lamps for you - oh wait, Better Thralls does that already
  • And for a really great, very advanced addition, that would be complex patrols that you can set up, maybe with invisible markers, and also tasks they could do on the way, and different patrols / tasks depending on time, an order, etc.

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