Thrall patrols, how about them?

I just saw Wak’s video on the current Testlive build. It’s great to see that emotes are coming to our thralls.

I would love to be able to tell my thrall(s) to patrol a certain area. It could just be a certain area where they randomly walk around, pause, then walk around again.
It could be a series of waypoints they follow to make a round of patrol.
Thralls and npcs should also be able to use horns and gongs to alert the whole base / settlement camp to enemy presence when these placeable items are present.


There are already npcs who wander about in camps and setlements. Funcom just have to expand on it to make it more functional and to include players’ thralls ability to be set on a patrol pattern.
Thralls and npcs using horns to raise an alarm though, I doubt we’ll see hat any time soon if ever. But I won’t give up hope :slight_smile:


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