Wandering thralls

Simply put as the title suggest, can we have thralls that wander? Or maybe give a set path for patrol.

When we hold the activate button we could have a new option: patrol. Exactly as we would set to guard, we would have two (or more depending) placements sequences. The first placement is the start of the patrol, and the second would be the end (or if more sequences were allowed each placement would be a milestone with an [obviously] limit to milestones)


It should not be an issue to implement, should it? There are already npc who are wandering about so why not enable our thralls to do this as well as an option in their commands.

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I agree with you, this is a good suggestion.

I like this idea… i’d like to see the NPCs in camps wander farther from home… simulate hunting/ gathering parties…
and i’d like to be able to set thralls to have both a limited wander and a unlimited wander… perhaps with something to recall thralls when needed (perhaps the gong or horn ingame?

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Like the idea, also the way you suggested how it could work.

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