So i have been thinking for awhile

Thralls on patrol so it could bring some more protective efficiency and some more lively hood in your village or castle? Any thoughts?

Thank you for reading


I like the idea of thralls able to patrol, and the current server I’m on would actually benefit from it.

But it would need to be limited on most servers because having 50 thralls per clan moving around 24/7 would cause many servers to lag behind or even crash.

Thralls are as dumb as they can get and the performance sucks. What makes you believe this would work well?

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It would definitely be a cool concept but yeah, given the obvious limitations of the current game, it’s hard to imagine how this would work and not done every server to its knees.

In a perfect world, this idea would be awesome.

Sadly, I just don’t think thralls are up to the task.

I understand but if you think about it on just npc camps they do patrol so why wouldnt they be able to patrol where we would put em!

They don’t all patrol though. If you could set one to patrol, maybe (they are a bit different programmatically when converted to a thrall) but if the intent is to let your hoard wander all over your landclaim, that’s a different thing entirely.

It is bad enough trying to get a thrall to follow you most of the time so giving every thrall a patrol route would be a nightmare.

Also i think that accidents could occur. Such as accidentally leaving a thrall patrolling outside someone else’s base. This would most likely result in a ban and we need more players not less so that would not be good.

I do like the idea though, but just don’t think that it would work right now.

Could set them to wander a little, like the house cats? Aimless wandering would make sense for the idiots.

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