Better Thrall Behavior

So, I’m pretty much of a newbie to this game, but been playing it nonstop for about three weeks and really loving it.

Only thing that seems to be lacking in my opinion is the thrall behaviors. They are very boring and act more like objects than people. Some simple things that would be nice is that they require a bed and have a brief sleep cycle, as well as some basic random idle animations like sitting in open chairs close to them, looking out of windows, reading a book, or anything really; maybe let them use a cup or a plate to at least pretend like they are eating etc. Perhaps have a guard mode where you can set them out on a route for patrolling and set up shifts between two different guards to satisfy the sleep cycles.

Some more advanced things and possibly too time consuming versus cost/benefit in the game, but something that I think would really improve the simulation feel of the game is some sort of sim like behavior from the thralls. Perhaps have them interact a little with each other and develop some interpersonal web that you can view among your thrall population. Have it perhaps affect their combat performance working together during a purge etc. Something to make it feel like you are creating a small little town.

An even more advanced recommendation might be to be able to send them on resource gathering runs, but this might break the economy of the game, and probably would be very difficult to program into the AI.

In any case, I very much do love the game and look forward to updates.

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