Thrall / Pet system

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first excuse me that I don’t post to an existing topic but it’s not only about thrall feeding system but overall thrall system. Beware I just talk about thralls now but it should work for pets too. Maybe I’ve also missed a thread so if you feel this must be merged with other thread no problem just do it. :slight_smile:

Ok let’s start with my suggestions. (beware I have not tested the new system on testlive)

  • server option for food consumption of thralls and pets (I know there is starvation damage setting, but not consume anything at all would be good. Also separate, maybe someone wants animals to eat but thralls not)

  • pens should still work and consume for the production of course, hope this is different from other consumption

  • better combat options for thralls like setting them to
    Agressive (fight everything on sight)
    Neutral (fight if anything friendly in range is being attacked)
    Defensive (only fight if being attacked itself)
    Passive (never fight)
    range setting for the awareness area
    This would allow for much better thrall behavior if defending base or following. Atm. just having everyone run to gates if attacked if there’s strong enough guards just doesn’t fit, especially after battle and thralls blocking everything at doorways.

  • key bindings to set a thrall to such settings fast (of course changeable key bindings).
    Here it would be very necessary to have bindings for setting only the following thrall or all thralls in a certain range. Propably you need this more often for a following thrall but the option for all in range should be there.

  • remember in which direction thrall was initially placed and move there after combat. Noticed this often especially about dancers which need bit more place for the animations.

  • additional behavior options

  • use decoration objects like chairs, throne, drums, gong and so on. Maybe for some items like gong or so you could link it up to something like enemies aproaching or a gate opening. This would add much flair I think.

  • Option to put dancers on passive until “activated” with keypress if close, then dancing for a minute or so. Of course not removing the always dance option.

  • Option to set which dances are used by certain dancer

Thanks much for reading and have fun to discuss. :slight_smile:
Excuse me I might not answer here much as I want to spend my time differently (playing) but I thought I should at least post this suggestions.

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