Thrall - option

Í suggest that thralls have more interaction options. They are so cool but they stay still all day long. It will be “magical” if they have a little normal life like a NPC. Some animation or dialogue. I’ve just started and I spend so much time in my base, and I really want to see more life come from my thralls. However, the game is wondrous, thanks.

that would be cool but…they do not currently have any good way for us to just let them live as they like. The animation are pretty much bland as far as what they can do. But the dev kit does allow for some custom animation and pathing…it just need a good AI blueprint scripter to come in and swoop in and take the up the helm of the project.

Id would realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly like to see them properly using the crafting station correctly. and that … I mean work when work is there. Dont be smacking that hammer or sawing a friggin log when you got no crafting que working.

Yes, this is a good start. My smelter stayed up with arms up all my gameplay. About the dancers?! The same dance all the time. I just want a button of “turn on” and “turn off” or change the dance. Some like that. If not possible, maybe for next game. Anyone knows about mod’s for Xbox One/PS4?

Tried to teach mine the moonwalk and break dancing but he keeps just jumping around. I think it’s hopeless Sadly .