New thrall poses

Need some changes to the thrills as the look stupid just constantly standing there or dancers constantly dancing. Add something like the emotes we get like the sitting or the seduction lay down, things that would make it more like a camp. Having it so you can tell the dancers when to dance would be great.


Agreed. We need thralls to do things more than stand there like…bumpkins.

I want them to cheer for me when I arrive home from an adventure. Right now I dont feel like they love me enough. I provide a much nicer life for them then they had doing whatever it is they did before.


Somehow I find difficult to expect love from my thralls after I put them on a wheel of pain and let them under a taskmaster for some times…:laughing:

Hi guys!
I’m completely agree. The game needs a thrall behavior big update.

Here you are one of many posts talking about this topic. This is only an example. There are a lot of posts with great ideas:

As a resume, i’m going to list some of the most interesting ideas that i’ve read for thralls:

  • New random animations and emote selection
  • Passive/agressive/neutral toggle button
  • Patrol/Guard/Attack target/Protect to toggle button
  • Train thralls
  • Possibility to free a thrall
  • New body type and physical features (Thralls with beard, Out of shape, Younger and older…)
  • Two or more thralls following option
  • Real thralls in the Wheel of Pain
  • Cages for trapped thralls
  • New thralls types like musicians, farmers, miners…

Thralls have a lot of possibilities to do our bases more alive.


It’s weird as to why The thrall can’t do some of the basics anyway as before you break them on the wheel they do all these actions anyway, it’s like they forget everything except standing and dancing lol.

It would have been easier for me to show them love if only they didn’t try to cut my head off in the first place. :joy:


Knock knock… Who is it!? (raises a spear while opens the door, ready to throw it)… BUMP!! (truncheon in the face)

Agreed they are all to static and need to have some life, allow the option to make them sit, eat, drink, walk around place to place ideally allow your choice vs just random moving allow for maybe point a to point b and then walk back adding to thrall defense system.

Stockholm syndrome.

Or its equivalent in the Hyborian Age, whatever that would be. Asgard syndrome?

Exactly. That’s the idea.
Now everything seems static and fake. It’s necessary to give some life to our thralls.
Moreover there are a lot of posiibilities to use them for different goals. Now they aren’t very useful.

That and a lot of furniture can be utilized such as the mugs and such it seems such a waste most games add furniture yet it has no use or anything related to aesthetics. It’s just only ever usable by the player and in most cases not even the player. I would like thralls I can just tell to sleep even if being attacked they just sleep right though it as a lazy guard at my front gate sleeping standing up head bobbing and all!

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