More animations for thralls

Please give thralls more animations to make them more lifelike. It can be as simple as an idle animation that has the thralls shifting their weight and adjusting their gear, anything to get rid of the blank stare. Right now they look like something off of the invasion of the body snatchers.


Idle animations, this is sonething sinple, needed and beautifies the game. I can even see them linked by race, each race having two or three idle animations.


Agreed, It is often the simple things that make a game memorable. Also entertainers should also play instruments, or what if they can act as bards and play music to buff the players.


There is a mod where you can give placeable Thralls any “emote” just by putting a token into their inventory - so it’s possible to do. You can make some funny scenes with such Thralls, but they remain Archers and Fighters and can defend your base when enemy comes. We need such function in the vanilla game! And more animation for pets on guard too. Breathing works of taxidermist look awful.


I wholeheartedly agree. The thralls system is what in the end will make this game truly shine. Thats why I cant wait for thrall commands etc. Thrall animations is one of my biggest wishes as well, having guards outside the gate with their spear crossed and when a clan member approaches they retract their spears etc and making a shield wall of fighters, im nerding out hard for that stuff :laughing:


There is? I was looking for it but couldn’t find it; all I found was a mod that makes a placeable item where you put the thrall to emote around, but if I understand it correctly, it makes them stop being useful guards. I will love you forever if you could point me in the right direction.

Of course, I’ll love Funcom forever if they can add idle animations to our bored sentries.


Here you are :wink:
Strays Thralls

Live and working as far as I know, with lots of emotes.

I did try to warn you… Now you have the undying love of a random bearded Finnish guy. No good deed goes unpunished.


Yeah, they feel way too robotic right now, and that sucks. As dumb as Fallout 4 was, at least your settlers moved around and busied themselves.

And I don’t want to hear about it not being feasible due to server performance. I’d much rather play on a server of 6 people with a world that feels life-like than on a server of 60 people with a world that’s completely static and lifeless.

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Another thing that need to be fix is how close thralls follow you. I can’t stand when my thralls block door ways or worse get in the way of me finishing a combo during a fight.


Thralls need more use period. There’s a new medieval game coming out called “Conqueror’s Blade” where the equivalent of thralls (soldiers, archers, servants etc) behave as both individual “thralls” and as a group acting in a formation. After seeing that kind of game play, I really feel CE should have something very similar for otherwise static and dumb guard thralls. It would be pretty awesome to send a command to a group of guard thralls to order them to form a shield wall, or have 5 to 10 of them following me at a time and attack/defend. I know that’s a pipe dream that would have a lot of performance / balance issues to work out, but just imagine if thralls could do more than just stand around and get picked off one by one by attackers/raiders.

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There is a nice solution for that: in RL when my cat gets stuck in some doorway before me I push her a bit and she runs away yelling :grin: (but not too far and does quickly return). If we could push our Thralls and Pets in CE there would be no such problem.

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