Crafteable emotes for thralls idea :)

After seeing the Funcom stream by @Jens_Erik today about the coming dlc " Debaucheries of Derketo" I was so pleasantly surprised to see the game finally getting rpg themed stuff, I love it all and can’t wait for it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
When he came to the new emotes in the dlc I started thinking this would be so much better if we could make thralls do emotes also, so I have an idea which probably already is done in some mods, but would be great if they were officially possible.

What if we could craft certain emotes and put them in the inventory of a thrall and they would perform them when placed on guard? :slight_smile:

Fx an emote that would make thrall look like he is in a conversation, standing guard in various positions, sitting and eating or drinking, servicing people fx behind a bar etc.

A lot of these animations are already in game being performed by npc’s.

If a thrall in an emote is being aggro’ed they should do their normal defense and once they return to the guard position they should continue the emotes until either removed from their inventory or switched with a different emote :slight_smile:

What do you guys think, is it a good idea?


I think there are mods for PC that do this, but as a console player I really like your idea as I can craft just the emotes that I need for the thralls without having to search through a large “emote wheel” like we do on our characters. I think this could work for pets too as they are always lifelessly standing at attention at all times which makes them look like they are taxidermy specimens.


A milion of thumbs up!

I made a similar post days ago.

We already learn emotes on map locations, how cool it can be if we can use these emotes on our thralls?

Also, we NEED a passive option for thralls and pets for roleplay reasons. I want to put guards on my base that atack only if get atacked!


I think its a great idea, giving a little bit more life and purpose to the thrall. Using them as part of the composition for your base would be amazing! (I play singleplayer and console)

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Yes, this is a great idea! :smiley:

And also this, so that thralls and pets can be set in passive mode when they are doing an emote action

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This is indeed a good idea that has been asked for as long as I can remember, as part of the long-awaited settlement system.

Our bases are clearly lacking activity at the moment! Thralls are arranged like models. Funcom must absolutely bring life into our bases by offering AT LEAST thrall emotes to give the impression that they have an activity.

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Strays Thralls. It MUST be impemented in vanilla for all consolers an official server players. One of my fighter Thralls has a guilty pose, another is scolding him, others are bored. But when enemy comes they all take their weapons and fight.

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Yep, StraysThralls is pretty awesome. Although some of the loops for multiple emotes don’t really make much sense, the single-emote tokens are wonderful and give so much life to my city. It’s not perfect, and it feels like a bit like a workaround solution to something that’s missing, but it’s a good start, and I hope @Straygenius keeps updating it, especially with the new emotes coming with the Derketo DLC pack.


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