More Emotes/animations for tamed thrall:)

First of all this game is awesome! My friends and I love it!
We have each built small villages for our bases, and were discussing how cool it would be if you could have some of your thrall doing different actions. Sitting, drinking, eating, waving, talking, etc. For instance we each have a bar and thought having a few thrall socializing would be fun.
And, if there were a few other actions for our animal thrall. Lying down (for the cats and wolves maybe), walking around, sitting.
Oh! And either have bowls, platters with food in or on them!


I agree.

So that said, if you are on PC, you can have some of this stuff immediately with mods.

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For consoles this would be a huge drag on the system. But I agree I made a market place and positioned my guards to look like their talking to my crafting thralls. Still not the feeling I wanted but a little more lively

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There is a great mod StrayThralls for PC. You just have to put token into thrall’s inventory and here you are. I made one bald man - my fighter - scolding another young man - my archer, and made young man look guilty :grin: Looks funny, I think it’s worth including into the main game (and some animation for pets as well!!!)

And plates full of food are in the Mother Of All Mods - Emberlight. Looks great!

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