Giving life to thrall’s and pets!

Hello everyone! You know! It would be nice that our thrall’s did speak something! Or “umm” a song while working on some crafting, like being happy to do something other than seatted waiting for orders! And imagine that instead off walking by a bunch off thrall’s and pets “statues”, they had some sort off movement or chit chat, that resembled some kind off interaction or liveliness! A hyena suddenly going to scratch a rear leg! A archer opening is mouth with sleep! Is head dropping heavy and then standing fast awakening because it heard you!!!


I believe if they can manage to rework the AI they would also add some bonus stuff like these but beforehand it might be a long shot. As far as I can gather from dev streams, they focus on a core gameplay element first, cosmetics next.


I would like this as well, animals relax in the wild until they see you.
entertainers sit and lay down at their various spawn points, so why shouldn’t they sit or lay until they see a player then get up and dance.

I’ve seen Wolves and big Cats laying, sitting, and pacing around, why can’t the tamed ones?
I’ve even seen animals appear to drink and eat.
Guarding thralls could talk to each other, like in the cities and stand at attention when a player walks by them.

My hope is that all these things are on the funcom “want to do list”


There are numerous threads asking for this, just be patient, it might not seem like it but Funcom does listen and they do respond when the community asks for something (Horses are the most recent), it does take time for them to decide how they will implement a suggestion and when to do it and how it will affect other aspect of the game.

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Thank you all for replying! I do enjoy the horses! They are well made, the animations while mounted are marvelous! The way they move when we attack from horseback feels real! And when guarding the horses doo the things we have talked, the mouth and lips move, they make sounds! It is a great addition to the game! Thank you FunCom!


Just remember that there was a brief period a short while ago when thralls made all sorts of stretching, yawning, coughing and moaning noises. It got irritating really fast. So even though I’d happily see more idle animations, I’d be careful about adding sound effects.

Perhaps we could have “ambient noise boxes” that could be placed into our bases, with a variety of background noises from pirate shanties to marketplace chatter.


I would love to see these features added as well. With base building such a significant and unique aspect of this game, and followers central to the base, adding life to the followers would be amazing for immersion… Nothing breaks immersion more for me then seeing a tamed horse or gazelle stand there for days on end without grazing or moving at all.

Whilst I want it now I’m very happy to wait as it appears Funcom are laying the foundation at a technical level for this and perhaps even the long rumoured city life / settlement system… Both the follower cap and announced improvements to follower AI will likely be essential for the more computationally heavy routines and animations, pathfinding, advanced interactions and so on that we all want :crossed_fingers:


Hello everyone! Hope you had a cozy Christmas with your loved ones! I guess Kapoteeni is right about the sounds becoming too irritating, maybe the NPCs should only make sounds when interacting with players! About the sound boxes, the ambient sound should be connected to a job table craft! It already happens in some level! Maybe it should only make the sound when actually crafting something!


I loved the sounds personally… didn’t find them annoying at all


I would love this added. My wife and I said this the other day while looking at our pets standing at attention. We made them all stalls to relax in and everything. Sitting down or running around a bit would be nice.

This is more of a general observation than a direct rebuttal to what you said here Kapoteeni. I know that this feature wasnt very well recieved, and I am going to be putting myself in the line of fire for saying this, but I actually really liked the idle sounds. For the first time my base actually felt like it was alive, rather than populated by silent, motionless manequinns. We have all played Skyrim before Im sure…!? Our Housecarls all made idles noises all the time, such as yawns, coughs, ooos, humming, ‘munching’ and remarks, yet I never saw any complaints about this feature on it. I personally feel that all we had to do here was dial back the frequency/intervals of the sounds, as opposed to removing them entirely. Given its reception I doubt it, but I wish there was an Admin option to turn Idle Noises On/Off. @OaknStone I wholeheartedly support your suggestion.


For the small time it was here, I enjoyed it very much too ! But I think the major issue that player had was the fact that the sounds were multiplied the more thralls where present. So in a base with 100 thralls close by, there would be constent noises. It didn’t bother me, but I can see why it could bother other players. The way the resolve thhis issue would be to put a cap on the numbers of sounds that they can play in seconds or so.


The idle noises were fine as a concept. I just wish it had sounded more like chatter than yawns and moans when there were 20 or more thralls in close vicinity.


It is actually odd that we select a voice during the Character Creation stage of the game. Because I have never heard my character speak yet…


Agreed. The solution doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. There are mods out there that allow you to place a token in the NPCs inventory to change their behavior, but it would be truly appreciated if control of follower idle behavior were made available as a part of the base game.


@Croms_Faithful So I know at least one of the female voice sets (i.e. Savage) doesn’t play at all if you change your character’s height during creation. No clue if this bug has ever been fixed, but if it was, then it certainly wasn’t applied retroactively to existing characters.

I’d wager there’s a similar bug affecting yours.

As for the idle sounds, I agree with @Kapoteeni that it was a nice concept, but given that (even with follower limits) we likely have thralls in much greater density than our lone Housecarl in Skyrim, our bases quickly began to sound like some weird combination of a brothel and a tuberculosis ward.

IMO, a much larger library of vocals played less frequently along with some more corresponding client-side interaction type animations would be needed to make it more realistic and less annoying. Mind you, it would probably also be a good idea to have an LOD slider for such client-only animations for those who want to dial things back a bit without affecting others.


I can completely sympathise with peoples gripes about the sheer number of thralls producing the noises at any one given time. But we will soon be capped at 55* as opposed to having hundreds. And I would also wager that for many of us they will also end up spread out across more than one base. I feel that removing them (idle noises) entirely was a disproportionate response, when we could have simply dialled back the frequency of the sounds, and as Larathiel and Kapoteeni noted, expanded and diversified the catalogue. I agree with Atali; it didnt need to be all or nothing.


jumping, falling and swash buckling have different gasps i remember laughing at how one of them sounded like a hillbilly 8]

Yes, more of this! that would make the game more awesome.

Hello everyone! I think it would be nice to have a switch for the dancers ! They never, ever stop dancing!!! It’s unnerving!