Crafting Thrall animations, only when they are crafting

This is a small, quality of life suggestion.
I think it would be nice if the crafting Thralls only did their animations when the player activates them to craft something.
My big motivation for this, is the blacksmithing station. While I appreciate the authenticity of the sound, it can become quite bothersome while I am doing things in my base. Add to that the sound of the Blacksmith carries quite far, and can alert someone to an otherwise tactfully hidden base.
I actually remove my blacksmith thrall when not actively crafting at the station for the reasons stated above.


I guess this is a two-sided issue though, because while I can totally see where you’re coming from, I’m kinda in the opposite camp: I love the illusion of life (however slight) these thralls add to my base.

Having to run around trying to find tasks for them to do so they don’t just stand and drool sounds too much like a career in middle management :joy:

If I had other (and preferably many more) options for creating said illusion of life I’d be fine with the added realism of crafters only crafting when actually, err, crafting… as it were… I mean how long is it going to take those lazy-■■■ carpenters to saw through that log?!

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@Mikey I can see your point, and I agree that overall there is a lot of room for improvement in making our Thralls and pets more organic, and life-like. the non tamed versions in the game all have idle animations, and as I understand it, there are mods that add this to thralls/pets. it would would be nice to see some of that for our collections in the vanilla game

I guess it really boils down to that blacksmithing sound; I have had people come in from another room, asking what the hell I was banging on, after I was standing in my base for a few minutes.

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No real need for this. Bases unfortunately, need to be fairly big anyway. Plus people know where all the hiding spots are, and with the ability to take things like Grit to unreal limits, people can too easily scout the bases. You simply can’t remain hidden for long on an active server. If Smiths are a cause for concern, just take them out of their thrall slot as you have been doing.

I agree with the other guy. I would rather they just add the animations to the thralls so that your base appears alive. I also hate the way there is such a drastic limit on how close you can place thralls. Why not just have a limit on how many can be in a larger area. This way we could place them in a more realistic manner, such as you see the NPCs in villages, camps and cities. And let them sit in chairs for crying out loud. Even Ark and Atlas allow thralls to do that.

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