Thrall Noise...How has this not been addressed

Um, would it be too much to ask that you turn thralls off when they’re not actually crafting anything? I mean, honestly…Why is my blacksmith just banging away on the anvil when he’s not doing any crafting?

Please, please give them an off switch other than having to pull them out of the benches.

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That would be appreciated. Banging and saw gets annoying along with bee,s

Well hit the bee hive and tell them to tone it down some hopefully they will get the point or you will :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but I actually don’t mind it but as long as they do something when not working like the blacksmith will lean or sit on the bench or a chair with the bench so it helps tell if they are working on anything or not that way it’s both physically helpful on seeing who is actually working or waiting on a job to be both nice for pvp and pve overall

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And help cut running around time down too

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Id rather they tone down the noise but not completely. There’s just something about ambient sounds of an active workshop that’s appealing after you’ve come back from a farming trip.


Cutting down having to check if benches are operating would be great. How about a Flag on the wheel of pain that says I shut off for no reason or have quit rotating.

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